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Do you own a short-term airbnb rental that is brand new or not renting out enough for you to profit? 

Authentic photo + video "user generated content" (UGC) may be exactly what you need to allow your rental to shine online and attract more excited renters and their furry friends. About 78% of Americans with pets travel with them each year. Let's make sure they know they can rent from you!

ugc for dog-friendly airbnb listings

UGC is Relatable

UGC is any type of content that fans or customers create for a brand/property in the form of writing, videos, or photos. Photos can be shared on your listing and photos/videos can be shared on your social media!

UGC is Trusted

90% of American consumers consider UGC to be the most influential part that affects their purchase decisions and 60% consider UGC to be the most authentic form of content.

UGC Brings Words to Life

UGC shows your property in use by people (and dogs) and removes any doubts that a renter may have about it being the perfect home away from home for them. Reading "dog-friendly" is one thing. Seeing a dog enjoying their special amenities tugs at our heart strings!


Hi, I'm an Arizona-based creator formally trained as a Dr of Physical therapy. However, my soul deeply wanted a career that allowed me more freedom with my time and location, so I've been thriving as a freelancer since 2017. I am passionate about capturing airbnb spaces in a creative way with my husband Zach and service dog in training Forester. As a 35x published model, I light up by being on camera and getting to capture the stories of beautiful homes.



airbnb content creator
airbnb content creator
airbnb content creator
airbnb content creator



With UGC the goal is to share relatable and authentic content on your listing so that viewers feel an emotional draw to your property being the perfect fit for their next vacation. Together we can decide on the top five unique features of your property. We can tell a story through this content so others feel your home's heart before even stepping foot into it.

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