How I Get Free Products AND Get Paid to Create with them (and you can too)!

Turn your content to cash & make $1,000+ extra per week in just a few hours

(DAY 1) *5pm PST* April 17: My 12 step process to create and sell your unique offers

(DAY 2) *5pm PST* April 18:  How to attract buyers who will not only send you free products but also pay well

(DAY 3) *5pm PST* April 19: Start to create so you can make money and have a ton of fun doing it


steph dorworth

Calling all multi-passionate creators

During this FREE 3-day Training you’ll learn:

What sort of content can you create? From writing to photos to videos, is UGC (user generated content) for you?

How to choose a profitable content creation niche (even if you don't feel like an "expert" in anything yet)

How to plan out your offers and where exactly to sell them online (without having to apply to projects every freaking day)

What equipment and subscriptions are needed to fulfill an order (plus a behind the scenes look at my creation time)

How to embody Queen Energy and set yourself apart from the rest of the freelance creators like I've done to make $9k+ months

How to scale your business and make more per project (even if you have only had 5-10 sales)

Perfect for you if you are

multi-passionate, creative, & want to make money online

Have we met yet? 

I'm Dr. Steph Dorworth

I'm a prior doctor of Physical therapy who fell in love with the freedom that freelancing brings me! I get to do work that I love while having complete time freedom, location freedom, and financial success. This freedom feels like sunshine, so I felt led to teach you how to build a profitable freelancing business, too. Creating UGC content has made me six-figures and I know you can do it, too.

Besides teaching freelancing, I am a dog mama with an unexpected love for the outdoors, sunshine, hiking, biking, lifting, traveling, whiskey, chocolate, and human design.

Dr. Steph Dorworth, PT, DPT, MTC, CNC, CSCS, CertTDN

Fitness Expert, Traveling Adventurer, & Swiftie

Join me Live!

about this training

1. It will be 3 consecutive days of short + sweet lasting about 30-minutes long (but jam packed with valuable lessons) because I know your time is valuable.

2. Tune in live for giveaways and stay til the last day for a surprise announcement special offer that I'm not handing out to anyone else - really.

3. It's highly likely my dog Forester will pop in or at least make his presence known with some whining - he's pretty good at being the center of attention.