Why have corporate wellness?

to maximize employee health & happiness

Give your employees the support they need to perform well.

Reduce Injury

More than 2.7 million nonfatal workplace injuries occur in the workplace each year.

Proper warm-ups, ergonomic improvements, and video form checks may increase employee mindfulness of their standing, sitting, lifting, & bending movements for injury prevention.

Reduce Disease

Patients with diabetes typically have medical expenditures 2.3 times higher than their non-diabetic counterparts.

Losing just 10% of ones bodyweight can reduce risk for diabetes. This is done with a healthier lifestyle which is often more successful with the accountability of a coach.

Reduce Expenses

Participants in workplace health programs had about 25% lower medical and absenteeism expenses than non-participants.

In a study of 36 wellness programs, medical expenses fell by $3.27 for every dollar spent on their programs.

Dr. dorworth's approach

Discover how she will make a difference with your company

Dr. Steph's virtual wellness coaching and educational workshops promote connection and health freedom. As a previous Physical therapist, she specializes in designing and managing customized wellness programs for people all over the world.

Custom evidence-based workout programs are tailored to the physical work your employees do and include a combination of mobility and strength exercises. They're delivered within her custom app which can also sync their steps, sleep, & food diaries in addition to tracking their workouts.


PT, DPT, MTC, TDN, CSCS, CNC, CertPilates, CertMobility

Dr. Steph Dorworth was a Physical therapist for seven years in Scottsdale, Arizona - managing a clinic for four of those years. She saw hundreds of patients due to work-related injuries and would go above and beyond to guide their recovery. Not only helping them feel better, but also providing them with the knowledge and tools to best prevent future injuries.

Steph has worked in health & fitness for 10 years, working with clients in groups and individually. Her certifications in strength & conditioning, nutrition, Pilates, and stick mobility have qualified her as one of the leading wellness coaches in the industry with a specialty in injury. She will take the time to learn about your world and where you want help for your employees.



Monthly mobility & strength training workouts are provided within Steph's app with videos, sets, reps, and rest prescribed - custom to your employees' needs. Your employees can train with one of the world's best trainers at the gym, at home, or on the go.


A no equipment needed mobility exercise program for employees to use as a morning warm-up & an afternoon movement break - custom to your employees' needs. Mobility is more effective than stretching!


Coach Steph is available at anytime within the app to check exercise form and provide support with questions about mobility, strength,  stress, sleep, nutrition, ergonomics, and injury prevention. Limiting beliefs will be met with compassion and solutions.

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