Macros to Mindful

an Intuitive Eating Course

Make peace with food & improve your metabolism while giving yourself permission to be fearlessly nourished during this 12-week self-paced online Teachable course. It involves once a week video lessons and assignments to integrate and embody everything you've learned. If you're stuck yo-yo dieting, have a poor relationship with food, and know your metabolism has slowed down over the years then it's time to end that cycle. Learn how to eat mindfully and intuitively today!

Applied Mobility

a Mobility Course

Your A-to-Z blueprint to learn the mobility ropes so you can move freely - all in a 7 module, self-paced Teachable course backed by a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Learn what mobility is, why it's superior to static stretching, and how to add it to your daily practice. Practice >300 of the top mobility exercises including some using tools like a mobility stick, foam roller, massage ball, or massage gun. Get ready to unlock your body and feel younger than ever!