Human Design + Health Quiz

Take this quick 2-3min quiz to get a custom video summary from Steph about your HD chart and how it impacts your health decisions.

Mindful Goal Planner

Set mindful intentions for the upcoming month or year using this guided manifestation session workbook. Goals that you just write down will never come to life. You have to do the inner work and fully believe in them for your goals & reality to align.

8 Steps to Transition from Macros to Mindful

Get this downloadable PDF that guides you through step-by-step how to transition from diligently tracking macros on a daily basis to slowly tracking less, being more mindful when eating, and following intuitive eat principles. This process typically takes 8+ weeks for most people.

Lifter's Mobility Warm-up Video

In this video you'll receive 3 5-min mobility warm-up routines you can follow before strength training: full body, lower body, and upper body. Mobility exercise is superior to stretching alone as it's challenges your control and stability in addition to flexibility. It's the perfect way to warm-up your mind + body while also helping you prevent injuries as best possible.