tell your story, build your brand,

& show who you are with creative content.


I can create digital and print materials for your company that will communicate your message and educate others on your services.

  • Line cards
  • Business cards
  • Graphics
  • Websites
  • SOQ's
  • Email newsletters


I can capture your Phoenix-based employees hard at work to tell a story that will captivate your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

  • Short format videos
  • Long format videos
  • Interview videos
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Video & Photo editing

Build Community

With the content I capture and create, I can help you reach new audiences and strengthen your existing community on social platforms.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn


MY approach

I was a Physical therapist for seven years in Scottsdale, Arizona - managing a clinic for four of those years. I saw thousands of patients and would go above and beyond to guide their recovery. Not only helping them feel better, but also providing them with the knowledge and tools to best prevent future injuries. In 2018 I decided to leave corporate and build my own empire as a creative freelancer. 

I understand that content is king in today's digital age. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of solving a problem for your target audience, I can craft compelling videos, captivating social media content, and stunning digital print materials that leave a lasting impression. From storytelling to scriptwriting, editing to post-production, I know how to captivate your audience and make your brand shine.


One unique quality about working with me is I am deeply plugged into the online freelancer world. So if you need help with anything I am not capable of creating, I can hire, communicate with, and manage the creation of it all online. Get the job done well with a one-time contractor instead of hiring someone full-time! 

Contact ME today to discuss your media creation needs and take your Phoenix-based company's branding and digital marketing efforts to new heights. 

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