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Bored with your workouts? 

Do you walk into the gym without a plan? Maybe you have a general idea, but you end of just using whatever equipment is free at the moment. Lemme guess... you do 3 sets of 10 of every exercise, in any order you want, until you are over working out.

The excitement you once had to workout? Goooone.

Positive changes in your physique? Stalled...plateau'd.

You want to continue to make progress toward your goals, but your workouts are boring and lack direction, right?

I've been there. I know how you feel.

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women workout program

Maybe you've tried other workout plans, but find it annoying that the workouts take too long, there are exercises you can't physically do, or you can't make it to the gym and need a home workout option.

When you don't have a workout plan, it's less fun and you're therefore less likely to stick to it.

When you don't move regularly, you begin to feel weaker, less in shape, and lose your motivation to workout at all.

This in turn leads you to start feeling down about your body...and everything spirals.

What now? 

But did you try...

Evidence-based Effective Workouts

Three words: short and sweet. The research shows you don't need to be lifting more than an hour. Instead, focus on shorter, more effective workouts that prioritize compound exercises and implement progressive overload (using more load over time).

Workouts with Substitution Ideas

Steph's Physical therapy background means you are provided with a monthly exercise substitution list. Can't do an overhead press due to shoulder pain? She'll tell you what to sub it out for. Struggle with a super deep squat? She'll teach you how to modify exercise so it is more comfortable for you. Learn to work around the pain instead of through the pain.

Workouts with the Option for Gym or Home

Another reason training programs often fail is because they're unrealistic. Programs that require you to be at the gym everyday don't make sense for most people. With these workouts you can do 3-4x/week and choose whether you do the home or gym version each time. PS- the home version is perfect to do while you're on vacation, too!

You're already a step ahead

You're here. You realized you can't do it alone and you're ready to reach out for a helping hand. 

I know you have big goals you're ready to unlock like...

  • Losing that darn baby weight
  • Leaning out before your next tropical vacay
  • Sculpting your dream body before your wedding day
  • Building up a booty so you can fill out those jeans
  • Getting stronger than ever so you can be Miss Independent
  • Competing in a bikini competition 
  • Running a 5k or marathon with ease
women's workout program
womens workout program

This team training option is perfect for you if... 


No more being overwhelmed by what to do during your workouts. From now on, you'll get new workouts each month that are easy to follow in the app. Just open the app, watch the exercise video, and do it. Track and time your workouts as you go - all in one place. Bye bye journal & pen! 


Maybe you were considering 1-on-1 coaching, but can't invest in a custom program right now. This monthly workout subscription is the next best option. Get evidence-based, effective mobility + strength workouts delivered to you in the app once a month at a discounted rate since everyone on the team gets the same workouts.


No more trying to do an overly complicated exercise only to feel defeated and embarrassed. Instead, workout with confidence and the knowledge on what to do to modify an exercise or sub it out for another one that's just as good. This way you can workout despite any injury - yes I mean that!

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+ Level up your Life +

Imagine this:

-Having a plan to easily follow for each workout

-Feeling excited to workout again

-Feeling more limber than ever thanks to the mobility exercises

-Walking into the gym feeling like you belong there

-Hitting the gym with complete confidence in your abilities

What are you waiting for?

What Members Are Saying

Mairi M.

The most important thing has been carrying on without throwing in the towel. This has been the longest I’ve stuck to anything of this nature.

Elizabeth S.

Finding Steph was such a blessing. I had tried other workout subscriptions from others, but always felt the exercises were too advanced, especially with my knee pain. Plus, my results had plateau'd. Finding the Strong with Steph workouts has allowed me to enjoy working out again, despite my knee pain! 

Lauren L.

I'm a personal trainer, but don't enjoy writing workouts for myself. I needed some new exercise ideas to spice up my repertoire so I turned to Steph for her monthly workouts and I haven't turned back. Each month there are new exercises to learn , yet they're do-able and not overly complicated.

womens workout program


 Strong with Steph

monthly workout subscription

strong with steph workouts

Each month you'll get...

  • A 5-minute mobility warm-up
  • A 45-60 minute strength training workout for home or gym
  • Videos of every exercise prescribed
  • Ability to time and track every workout in the app
  • Video form checks (to ensure proper form is being used)
App Access
  • Group messaging in the app for support from Steph and the other members
  • Ability to track your progress photos, inches, weight
  • Ability to sync other wellness apps (Apple Watch, FitBit, MyFitnessPal) so everything is in one place like your macros, steps, sleep, etc.
  • Ability to set specific goals for your physique, nutrition, and habits
Because I'm extra...Bonus Lessons
  • Basic trainings upon on boarding that cover progressive overload, logging workouts, ways to modify exercise, proper workout order, flexible dieting, macronutrients, food lists, reading a food label, & more!

Are you freakin ready to level up your workouts or what?!

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Value $99/mo

Need help or have questions?

Send an email to info@stephdorworth.com and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

I Know What You're Currently Thinking...

Who is this program for?

Anyone over 16-years-old can follow this program. All exercises can be modified up or down based on your skill level. Since you get to choose whether you follow the home or gym version (or both), you have a lot of flexibility. The home version is ideal for beginners to start with. Then after a few months of nailing down the basic movement patterns, you could consider progressing to the gym for some or all of the workouts to use other equipment and more load.

How long do the workouts take?

Each workout will begin with a 5-minute dynamic warm-up followed by about 45-minutes of strength training. If you desire to stretch or do cardio afterwards, you may - it's optional.

Do I have to have a gym membership?

No. You can do all the home workout versions, as long as you have at least one set of dumbbells, a mini-band, and a long band. 

What's included with this program?

New warm-ups and workouts every four weeks, use of my app, and in-app messaging support (including video form checks). In the app, you can track other things like your steps, sleep, inches, weight, progress pictures, behavior goals, and macros.

I'm so busy, can I make this work?

This program can be as flexible as you need it to be. I provide four workouts per week for home or the gym. If you only have time for 2 or 3 workouts per week, that's totally fine. If you only have 30 minutes, simply do 1-2 sets of each exercise instead of 2-3.

Is nutrition included?

No. This is training only. Once you sign-up and receive your on-boarding info, you'll receive exclusive access to a macro consult from me if you'd like nutritional guidance. If you desire more help, consider 1-on-1 coaching which involves 100% customized programming.

How long of a commitment is it?

This is a monthly subscription service that automatically renews each month. You may cancel at any time. You will only be charged $29/mo. For a free 1-week trial to see how you like it, use discount code "FIRSTWEEKFREE" at checkout.

What sets apart your program from others?

As a Dr of Physical therapy and Strength coach, each and every workout is written with intent. I'm not throwing together exercises randomly. The types of exercises, sets, reps, rest periods, and variations are all chosen with purpose and evidence-based. The app makes it easy for you to follow along with each video workout, time your rest periods, and log the loads you use to track progress. No more old-school documents - hooray!

But who the heck am I & why should I train you?

If we haven’t met yet, Hi!

I’m Dr. Steph Dorworth, PT, DPT, MTC, BHSc, CSCS, CNC, CertPilates, Stick Mobility.

Before I transitioned into online coaching, I spent 7 years working as a Physical therapist, became a certified Pilates instructor and certified Stick Mobility Instructor, and was featured in over 30 publications as a fitness model and freelance writer - including Oxygen! I'm also a certified strength & conditioning specialist and a certified nutrition coach.

Living a healthy lifestyle has leveled up my life by helping me feel more in control of my body and I know it will change yours, too.

I love working with motivated clients online. It's time to level up your life! 

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Value $99/mo

Need help ordering or have questions?

Send an email to info@stephdorworth.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.