What if you could quit your 9-5 job and make more money while working less than 15 hours each week?

  "Freelancing" is a job in which you work for yourself and offer your services to multiple companies at once to make money on a per-project basis.

If you're here, you're probably thinking you're...

  • not making enough money
  • sick of working for someone else
  • not appreciated or valued at work
  • lacking the freedom to make your own schedule
  • dreading the work you do from 9-5


Freelance content creation allows you to make a lot of money working <2 hours a day from anywhere (even without a social media following).

When you join the academy you can have it all...

Without being tech savvy or paying for ads
Without having to sell on your personal social media
Without having to spend long hours creating or running your business
Without having any prior knowledge about freelancing or content creation

I've been exactly where you are...and I know how burnt out you feel.

I can confidently say that freelancing HAS CHANGED MY LIFE and brought me the freedom I always desired. And I believe it can do the same for you, no matter your niche or education.

I went to Physical therapy school and worked as a PT for 7 years, but I felt trapped in the 9-5 corporate world wishing I had more time off & the ability to work from home. I started freelancing in 2017 and was able to pay off $220,000 in student loans + leave corporate to be my own boss!

I am PROOF that you can make consistent money freelancing <2 hours a day.


of Americans have a side hustle

4.2 million

registered Fiverr buyers


of Americans are predicted to be freelancers by 2027

Types of content creation services you could offer:

  • Graphics & design 
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing & translation
  • Video, photo (including UGC)
  • Music, audio, voiceovers
  • Programming & tech
  • Business & lifestyle
  • AI services

The good news 

I'm spilling all the deets within the Academy. You're only 10 weeks away from getting the strategy and support you need to build the creative business of your dreams that is successful and brings you joy! 

The Freelancer Academy is your sell + scale era. Learn how to get more orders + reviews fast, upsell clients, have more returning buyers, and scale your profits! Building your online side hustle with TFA will be simple, fast, & low-risk.

What You'll Learn

Week 1: Plan your Business & Nail your Niches

  • 30-minute recorded lessons about niching down by Human Design and writing your biz plan
  • Download: Your Best Business Plan Ever

Week 2: Setup your Fiverr the Right Way

  • 40-minute recorded lessons about creating your Fiverr, becoming a seller, & getting systems in place

Week 3: Create Gigs that Attract Buyers

  • 60-minute recorded lessons about creating your gigs strategically, what to avoid, and how to make gig pics and videos that attract
  • Resource: Magical Canva gig templates 

Week 4: Sell the Easy Way

  • 50-minute recorded lessons about Fiverr promotions, getting orders quicker, auto replies, and how to sell in messages
  • Download: Step-by-Step Orders Checklist

Week 5: Deliver to Happy Buyers

  • 40-minute recorded lessons about using your analytics, overdelivering your work, and ensuring you have happy buyers and great reviews
  • Download: Track your Analytics to Grow spreadsheet

Week 6: Scaling Strategies to Work Less & Earn More

  • 50-minute recorded lessons about when to increase your prices, how to encourage tips, and specific ways to scale
  • Download: Track your Moolah spreadsheet

Week 7: Handle Conflict Smoothly

  • 30-minute recorded lessons about how to avoid scammers, how to handle conflicts, and red flags to avoid

Week 8: Market your Biz Like a Pro

  • 30-minute recorded lessons about how to market your gigs on Fiverr and show up on more searches

Week 9: Upwork & Other Websites to Master

  • 30-minute recorded lessons introducing you to 5+ other freelancing websites you can eventually sell on

Week 10: It's Only the Beginning

  • 10-minute recorded lessons wrapping up the course and sharing how to stay connected and supported

Here's What You're Getting

Valued at $5,885!


If you are considering selling video creation (especially UGC), but are afraid to speak on camera, don't know how to shoot + edit video, or are confused about where to start then this course is for you.

As a bonus to TFA, I teach you step-by-step how to prepare, shoot, edit, and deliver high quality videos as a freelancer - even if you're brand new to it.

-How to prep for a shoot

-How to film videos by yourself

-How to build confidence on camera

-How to do basic edits

Valued at $497 - FREE for you today!

Imagine making $200+ for a 30 second video... NOW is the time to start UGC.

  • Maybe you're a trainer or fitness lover and you make custom videos teaching correct exercise form
  • Maybe you're a mama with enthusiastic kids and ya'll want to create product unboxing videos together (+get free products)
  • Maybe you simply want to act as spokesperson for brands

Don't just take my word for it...

"This is the literal, step by step guide to making money from your very own side gig. Steph takes you from idea to 5-star in this super easy to follow course. She has provided me with new ideas I never thought I could monetize such as working with my dog and trying new products. With Steph's guidance I was able to land a $450 recipe reel gig on just my second Fiverr order! Do not sleep on this course." - Theresa M.

"I would recommend this course if you are trying to get yourself started in the freelancer world. There is way more that goes to than just setting up a profile. This course has the basics for you have an idea of what it takes to set up your business." -Camille (got her first order within 5 days of publishing her first gig on Fiverr)

"Before taking TFA I had no freelancing business and I had very low confidence that I could do something like this. With stephanie's help from slack and the couse itself, I now have an up and running freelancing business with 4 gigs and will soon be adding more!  Before starting this course I was terrified to be in front of the camera and was looking to be more behind the scenes but stephanie got me out of my shell and all 4 of my gigs have introductory videos and my gigs are all based with me being in front of the camera. That in itself is a HUGE goal for myself to accomplish.Take the chance! Invest in yourself! Stephanie will not only give you the confidence, but the exact steps needed to follow through and start your very own freelancing business. I'm a very busy mama of two and was able to get through the course on my own time and not feel overwhelmed. Honestly, very happy I took the leap to join the freelancing academy!" -Christy 




  • Immediate access into The Freelancer Academy
  • Lifetime access
  • Private Slack group support for 10wk
  • Confident UGC Video Creator course BONUS (Value: $499)
  • Fiverr Gig Makeover from Steph (Value $197)



  • Immediate access into The Freelancer Academe
  • Lifetime access
  • Private Slack group support for 10wk
  • Confident UGC Video Creator course BONUS (Value: $499)
  • Fiverr Gig Makeover from Steph (Value: $197)


Need help ordering or have questions?

Send an email to info@stephdorworth.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.