the freelancer academy

For creative and multi-passionate men & women aspiring to build a side income and more freedom in their life. Make more money in less time from the comfort of your own home while doing what you love.


The Freelancer Academy

This 10-week course teaches creative, multi-passionate men & women how to increase their income and make money from anywhere! It’s time to start doing what you love while making more money in less time.  

This group mentorship program will teach you how to build an online freelancing business on Fiverr to help you gain the financial freedom and schedule bliss you deserve. 

I get it. As a physical therapist who dreaded my 9–5, I took the leap to create my own freelancing business making more than $100k from it!

When you join TFA, I’ll help you learn how to make thousands of dollars as a side hustle so you can get paid for your passion projects and gain financial freedom. When your BFF hears about your success, they'll want to start freelancing, too!

"Freelancing" is a job in which you work for yourself and offer your services

to multiple companies at once to make money on a per-task basis.

If you're...

Not making enough money

Groceries and gas prices are higher than ever and most companies are halting pay raises. Take the power into your own hands with a freelancing side hustle. You set your own rates & control how much you make.

Sick of working for someone else

It’s time to be your own boss! Take back your life and say goodbye to being micromanaged, overworked, and underappreciated. Build something for yourself that you can be proud of.

Lacking the freedom to make your own schedule

Freelancing=freedom. Your time, location, and finances are valuable. Freelancing provides you the freedom to become your own boss, manage your time, and accept the work you actually WANT to do.

Dreading the work you do from 9–5

Put a stop to the Sunday Scaries. Freelancing allows YOU to set your schedule, plus when or where you work. You can work from anywhere in the world doing things that set your soul on fire at a time of day that feels good to your system. 

Freelancing is gaining popularity … and for a good reason! 

While many are jumping on the freelancing train, they are lacking a clear vision and strategy on how to make it successful. I’ve been there. 

As someone who’s been freelancing for over five years, I’ve learned all the do’s and don’t so you don’t have to make the same mistakes and can start getting paid faster.

The Freelancer Academy (TFA) will set you apart from other freelancers, get you orders + reviews fast, and scale your profits! Building your online side hustle with TFA will be simple, fast, & low-risk.

Start saying YES to things that excite you with strategy, support, & an energetic community by your side. 

of Americans have a side hustle

4.2 million

registered Fiverr buyers


of Americans are predicted to be freelancers by 2027

Types of freelancing services you could offer:

  • Graphics & design 
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing & translation
  • Video, photo, & animation
  • Music, audio, voiceovers
  • Programming & tech
  • Business & lifestyle
  • & many more!

The Freelancer Academy

What's Included

[Lifetime Access] A 10-week Course for Freelancing on Fiverr: Get the exact roadmap to freelancing success that I used to turn my passions into profits. You'll decide your services, create your offers, actively magnetize consistent sales, and scale your business. By the end of the program you’ll feel confident in your ability to make extra money as an online freelancer. (valued at $2,000)
[Mentorship] 10-weeks of weekly group coaching calls to ask questions, get crystal clear on your strategy, and gain inspiration from other like-minded women in the group - recorded if you can’t make it. (valued at $2,000)
[Exclusive Resources] Including a business planning workbook, Canva graphic templates, and step-by-step checklists to make the setup and creation of your freelancing gigs easier. (valued at $200)
[Community Support] Get quick support within our private Slack channel (valued at $1000)
[*Limited Time* Bonus] Get 2 weeks of free Graduates Slack channel membership after the course ends (valued at $29/mo)

Whip out that calculator - that's over $5k value 

Plus … first round students get 50% off.


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You missed out!

Don't just take my word for it...

This is the literal, step by step guide to making money from your very own side gig. Steph takes you from idea to 5-star in this super easy to follow course. She has provided me with new ideas I never thought I could monetize such as working with my dog and trying new products. With Steph's guidance I was able to land a $450 recipe reel gig on just my second Fiverr order! Do not sleep on this course. 

-Theresa M.


If you are considering selling video creation, but are afraid to speak on camera, don't know how to shoot + edit video, or are confused about where to start then this course is for you.

As a bonus to TFA, I teach you step-by-step how to prepare, shoot, edit, and deliver high quality videos as a freelancer - even if you're brand new to it.

-How to prep for a shoot

-How to film videos by yourself

-How to build confidence on camera

-How to do basic edits

Valued at $499 - FREE for you today!

confident video creator

  • Maybe you're a trainer or fitness lover and you make custom videos teaching correct exercise form
  • Maybe you're a mama with enthusiastic kids and ya'll want to create product unboxing videos together (+get free products)
  • Maybe you simply want to act as spokesperson for brands
fitness freelancer

Hi, I'm Steph 

I can confidently say that freelancing HAS CHANGED MY LIFE and brought me the freedom I always desired. And I believe it can do the same for you, no matter your niche or education.

I went to Physical therapy school and worked as a PT for 7 years, but I felt trapped in the 9-5 corporate world wishing I had more time off & the ability to work from home. I started freelancing in 2017 and was able to pay off $220,000 in student loans + left corporate PT!

Now I teach my entire strategy to YOU

work from anywhere

Got Questions? I've Got Answers.

Who is this program for AND not for?

IT'S FOR: creative and multi-passionate women who are want to make an extra income and desire more freedom in their life. Whether they want to build a side hustle or scale it to become their full-time job, freelancing is suitable for both. The beauty of freelancing is you're in charge so you get to decide your rates, which projects you accept, and how often you work on it.

IT'S NOT FOR: women who are already happy with their life & income, like the security of a corporate job with benefits, and have no desire to make extra money.

Do you have to be tech savvy to freelance?

Nope! Fiverr is fairly easy to use. You're not building out your own website. You're using their platform to fill in the blanks, check boxes, and upload photos to display a "Gig" or a service listing. I walk you through step-by-step how to setup your Fiverr and best of all it's completely FREE. Once you establish your service pitch, you can also share it on other freelancing websites if you desire to expand your reach.

Do you have to have a social media following to freelance?

Nope! Fiverr is a separate platform so there's no requirement to have social media at all. If you want to play off of your following and sell services that include your social media - you can. But it's not required. And the nice thing about Fiverr is buyers come to you! You list your services and then they search for them, message you, and buy!

How long will I have access to the course portion?

How does lifetime access sound? You can re-visit the modules as often as you like on Teachable. And if the course is updated in the future, you’ll automatically receive the newest version.

However, the mentorship component only lasts for 10 weeks with the option to extend at the end. 

What skill level is this course appropriate for?

This program is for anyone at a beginner or intermediate freelancing level. Maybe you're brand new to freelancing and know nothing about it - perfect. You'll learn everything you need! Or maybe you already have a Fiverr account but are struggling to get orders or grow - this program will teach you how to set yourself apart better and scale quicker, especially since you'll have 1-on-1 mentorship calls for more guidance.

How does this program work & how long is it?

Upon purchase, you’ll receive instant access to the online course on Teachable in which new modules will drip out for you to watch each week (on your own time). Once inside, you’ll find modules with lessons and videos. It also includes information about how to join the Slack community and attend our weekly Wednesday afternoon Zoom video calls. All-in-all, this is a 10-week program.

Do I have to start the program immediately after purchasing?

Yes, this is a paced out program in which all the women in the cohort are going through the ten modules at the same pace. There is a hard start and end date for the entire group.

I'm not a fitness lover or professional like you are. Can I still take the course?

Absolutely! Although I personally sell mostly fitness freelancing gigs, anyone who wants to become a freelancer will benefit from this course. You can niche down anyway you'd like: follow your passions!

What equipment do I need to get started?

If you're looking at this on a smart phone or reading this on a laptop, you're almost there! Most freelancing gigs require just a laptop/desktop and smart phone. Depending on what services you decide to sell, you may need to invest in some software or small equipment to improve the quality of your final product. For example, as a video creator I use a MacBook Pro with editing software, Nikon camera, iPhone, tripod, Rode microphone, and a ring light.

Breath in, follow your intuition, & invest in yourself -

it could will literally change your life.


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You missed out!

Need help ordering or have questions?

Send an email to info@stephdorworth.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.