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When you learn to step into your higher self that is happier, healthier, and stronger the confidence you desire comes easily! Its time high performing women fearlessly leave behind feed deprivation + excessive exercise to restore the health of your mind, body, + soul.

Hi beautiful soul, 

I'm Dr. Steph Dorworth

I went to school for one thing, but always knew deep down in my gut that I have an entrepeneurial spirit. Human Design lovers, I have an open Self center so it's only natural.

As a Doctor of Physical therapy, I ran an outpatient clinic for seven years before peacing out to pursue my calling to serve you all here. I fell into complete alignment with my purpose to help women feel the joy in fitness!

In the past few years, I've added certifications in strength, mobility, nutrition, & pilates after my name. I have spread my knowledge wings wide to become the best coach possible so I can help you step into your higher self. PS- I'm a Generator energizer bunny!

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Applied Mobility

A 12+ week online course that will take you from feeling tight, achy, and injury-prone to limber, mobile, and injury-free! This course teaches busy men and women with aches and pains how to mobilize their bodies each day for pain relief, reduce medical expenses, improve their movement, and prevent injury.

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Macros to Mindful

Ring ring - food freedom is calling you! Over the course of this 12-week self-paced course, you'll learn my 8-step strategy to make the transition from strictly tracking macros or following meal plans to eating mindfully. By the end you'll be more trusting of your honor cues and on board to ditch traditional diet rules for good!

mindful eating
applied mobility course

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The Blog

Articles designed to help you live more mindfully, honor your energy, move better, and overcome your injuries so you can reclaim your confidence.


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Strong with Steph Club

Any DIY'ers out there? This is for you. Bored of the same exercises and ready to spice up your strength training routine? Join the club for monthly mobility + strength training workouts in my app. You'll receive new workouts every month and since I'm extra, you'll also receive dieting and Human design ebooks!

ready for a total body reno?

Fit by Design Coaching

It's not your motivation - it's your metabolism. 

I'm here to teach you how to feel the way you deserve by going Joanna Gaines on ya and renovating your training, nutrition, mindset, and self care habits. With science + Human Design as our guide, we'll implement the Fit By Design Method to fully customize your entire health routine. How about we start demo day now instead of tomorrow?

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I learned how to be in complete control of my health. I can enjoy my weekends, family gatherings, nights out, etc. without anxiety that I am being unhealthy or am sabotaging my diet. For me, it took a few months of working with Steph to get to that point but my only regret is that I didn’t work with her sooner. I am so thankful I found her and chose to work with her! Absolutely!

Nicole licata

8-Week Prep

"Steph has been awesome to prep with. She helped me get stage lean in under 8 weeks without going to any extremes. She mixed up exercises regularly which really helped keep me motivated. Thanks to Steph I took the stage with a physique I was proud of." Megan placed in both of her 2021 shows - third in open!

Megan M.

Bikini Contest Prep Coaching

I loved working with Steph because she checked off every box that I was looking for in a coach! She had the same belief system as me as life is about balance! And you can get to where you want even with that balanced lifestyle! I was able to keep my social life and achieve my dream body!! I placed 3rd in my first bikini competition!! She made it fun for me and was always quick to responses. She has given me so much knowledge! I cannot wait to compete again come November and work with her again to come out on top! Thanks so much Steph for everything!

Shelby vezina

Coaching Client

"Steph is supportive, has a great understanding of me, my lifestyle and goals. We have a great relationship and I simply trust her expertise. At 53 she helped get me stage ready for my 1st bikini comp. I would recommend Steph to anyone looking to improve their fitness, weight loss or muscle gain. She’s a trained physiotherapist too which is useful."

Tracey placed 1st in her first show to nationally qualify!


Coaching Client

"Working with Steph has been an amazing experience. She helped me attain my goal of hitting the stage. She was always there with alternative exercises to adjust to the available equipment at my gym and always responded promptly. With her knowledge and guidance she provided me with the confidence I needed to control my own eating and push myself to new limits. I cannot thank her enough! "

[Joan lost 20lbs for her first bikini competition]

Joan T.

Coaching Client

"The reason why I reached out [to Steph] was because I wanted to get back in shape after I had my baby and keep it off. I still kept it off with the tools I learned from you!"

[Veronica placed fourth at her first bikini competition which was only 8 months post-baby]

Veronica B.

Coaching Client

"I really appreciate you with all your help. Your program was really beneficial for me. I am thriving on my own thanks to the knowledge you equipped me with."


Coaching Client

"Working with Steph over the past 1.5 years has not only helped me reach my goals to compete, but I have also reached a point of consistency with exercise and nutrition that I could not do on my own. Her guidance, honesty, and knowledge has been so beneficial in competing, strength, and nutrition. Having a coach that tailors a plan specifically to you has been wonderful! She is always available if I have a question, and is amazing to work with!

[Rachel placed second in her figure competition]

Rachel M.

Coaching Client

"Thank you so much for helping me reach my goal! 14 Ibs lost, 89 workouts, and a ton of support. I couldn't have done it without you!"

[Jenna placed third in her first bikini competition at 40 years old]


Coaching Client

"The Beautiful To The Core Bikini Competition Prep changed my life. I participated in an 11 week prep and made the most progress in that short of time than I ever have on my own! Everything was broken down for me so everything was easy to follow. I will be recommending this program to others while continuing on my fitness journey!"

[Kendra lost 14lbs for her first bikini competition prep!]

Kendra M.

Coaching Client

"Steph has been amazing. Very easy to contact, always getting back right away. Always asking how things are going. I have made amazing progress in such a short amount of time through her coaching. I will definitely be using Steph as a coach again for my next prep. "

[She lost 20lbs and 3.5in around her waist for her first bikini competition]

Alicia G.

Coaching Client

"Working with Steph using the Beautiful to the Core prep was a great experience. She was prompt, professional, super pleasant, and always supportive. Not only did her plan get me the body I had been striving to achieve, but Steph was there to make adjustments and help me through."

[She lost 10lbs in 12 weeks post-baby]

Terra D.

Coaching Client

"I’m really enjoying having the ability to eat flexibly, but still achieve my goals; I really feel like it’s helped me to repair my relationship with food. I also appreciate the support I’ve gotten."

[9mo fat loss progress: down 15lbs and 3.5in around her waist]

Ami C.

Coaching Client

"For everyone out there wanting to compete in a bikini competition or if you have just been thinking about it, Beautiful to the Core is your best online resource. Steph is amazing and very knowledgeable in every aspect of competing. I'm glad I had her with me each step of the way."

-Carrie placed 5th at her first bikini competition

Carrie R.

Coaching Client

"I am beyond impressed with my results. Steph has been such a great support system, championing me along the way, taking everything into account - my workouts at a local gym, to how I look in my biweekly check-ins, and how I am doing mentally and emotionally. She really has been such a wonderful asset to my programming. In my opinion, the results speak for themselves!"

[6 month fat loss progress: down 6.5lbs and 4.5in around her waist]

Laurie B. , Advertising

Coaching Client

"I had a wonderful experience being coached by Stephanie for my first competition. Every check-in we collaborated and adjusted my macros to ensure that I would be my most lean on show day, always taking into account how I was feeling and how my body was responding. Having her guidance through the process was incredibly beneficial, as I would have been guessing what to do if I had tried to prep on my own."

-She placed first in her very first bikini competition


Coaching Client

"It has been a pleasure to be a part of the team. Steph has not only helped me achieve my weight loss goal, but she has reignited my passion for fitness and helped me establish a healthy relationship with food. I couldn't be happier with my results. In 7 months I was able to lose over 20 pounds and win two first place trophies at my first bikini competition!"

Melissa T.

Coaching Client

"Online coaching with Steph has been amazing and eye opening. I’m a nurse and thought I understood how to live a healthy lifestyle but found myself consistently gaining weight and didn’t know what to change. Steph gave me all the tools and guidance I needed to make those changes, and I feel so much better mentally and physically. I’m so happy I chose to work with Steph so now I know how to effectively maintain a healthy lifestyle!"

[6 month fat loss progress: Down 13lbs and 4in around her waist]

Nikki , Nurse

Coaching Client

"Working with Steph during my Bikini Competition Prep was one of the best experiences that I have had. Online Coaching with Steph has been as feasible as it would be in-person. She truly cares, shows tough-love, and she is with you every step of the way. She has a talent for creating fun & effective programs to ensure that you personally enjoy them. Despite working out, her nutritional guidance was no cookie-cutter plan. She specializes in flexible dieting which makes the journey enjoyable and achievable! Steph is the Coach that everyone needs. I learned, grew, and loved myself more than ever by having her as my Coach!"

Dakota Brown , Personal Trainer

Coaching Client

I'm truly enjoying this process. It's been eye opening as far as diet goes. I definitely plateaued in my training before and wondered why but now I understand that my diet was a huge roadblock. Week after week it's getting easier to fuel my body instead of eating the junk that I was before. Thank you for your help!

[3mo fat loss progress: down 8lbs and 4in around her waist]

Alisa T. , Retail Store Owner

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I'm Steph Dorworth

When I'm not teaching you mindfulness skills and the secrets to be in complete alignment with your body, I'm likely curled up on the couch at home with some wine or whiskey. 

I'm a wife, dog mom, hiker, and wanna-be plant lady with a love for sweets, organizing, and cute workout apparel.  

My life has changed fur da better by finding the ideal balance between healthy + enjoyable and I hope to teach you how to do the same! 

steph dorworth

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