I'll teach you how to mobilize, strengthen, and nourish your body so you feel younger & more confident than ever!

Hi, I'm Dr. Steph Dorworth

I'm a Physical therapist and health coach with big dreams. Obsessed with: dogs, hiking, hydroponic gardens, whiskey tastings, and being outdoors. I've been pursuing my passions + leveling up my life in Arizona since 2012.

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I didn't always do fitness right

Growing up, I was passionate about sports and music. The Orlando Magic were my favorites sports team and I could lose complete track of time by just sitting down at the piano - like I was transported to a different world. I always knew I wanted to choose a career that helped others and Physical therapy seemed to combine my love of sports with helping others stay active despite injury. So I went to college to pursue PT - first as a Gator and then at a specialized PT school in St. Augustine, Florida. 

While I was growing up, I was always active in softball, basketball, and marching band which kept me fit. However, when I went away to college I shifted all my focus to my studies and stopped sports completely. As a result, I gained the freshman 10-15lb and no longer felt like the athlete I was. So I turned to working out for the first time in my life by way of running. Running became an outlet for me to relieve stress and clear my mind - which is always racing.

I became obsessed with running and a few miles a week turned into 50+ miles a week... I was wearing my body down all to achieve the "skinny" body I thought I needed to feel fit again. Running was tearing my body down instead of building it up. And after about a year of that, my body began to fight back. I suffered from a sharp, intense pain in my knee one day while I was out on a run. It was so severe that I could barely move it and had to stop running. It took over a month for me to feel better, but even then I knew that hitting the pavement again for long distances wasn't what was best for my body.

This was a dark time in my life. I had such bad body image that I'd look in the mirror and feel disgusted with myself. Sure I had lost the weight, but I looked so frail and weak. I was under-eating, obsessed with cardio, and had so much negative body talk going on in my head. 

I knew there had to be a better way to feel and look fit.

Enter Zach - my boyfriend (now husband). He introduced strength training to me in a way no one had ever before. Instead of watching me go through the motions at the gym - he taught me. I learned how to develop that mind-muscle connection and really, truly feel every rep. He taught me proper form, timing, rest, and programming. 

And guess what...I fell in love.

With him (of course), but also with lifting. I fell in love with building my body up. I was finally seeing some lil' baby muscles build up on what was previously a twig of a body. Not only did I feel fit again, but I felt strong, healthy, and empowered.

Around this time, we moved to Arizona together and I began my career in Physical therapy. As a Doctor of Physical therapy, I ran an outpatient clinic for seven years before peacing out to pursue my calling to serve you all here. Surprisingly (but not really), I fell into complete alignment with my purpose, my business, and myself.

Like so many people, I went to school for one thing, but always knew deep down that my true calling wasn't rooted in one field, but instead to be spread amongst many - limitless.

Building my Body + Mind

In the past few years, I've added some other degrees and certifications after my name. I have spread my knowledge wings wide to become the best coach possible so I can help you become a better version of yourself.

  • Doctor of Physical therapy (DPT)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc)
  • Manual therapy certification (MTC)
  • Trigger point dry needling certification (TDN)
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS)
  • Certified Pilates instructor
  • Certified Stick Mobility instructor 
  • Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)


I'm probably sipping on some wine or whiskey, in my comfy leggings, on the couch with "my pack" - Zach and our puppy Forester. Even though we're watching TV, I'm probably dreaming about my next business move that will allow me to help more and more of you develop an aligned and healthy lifestyle.

Take it from me: fitness and nutrition extremes are not sustainable or enjoyable. You've got to find balance in all aspects of life and live in a perpetual state of gratitude for your body, your mind, and your health.

Wanna know what gets me fired up? Helping just one more person breath easier knowing they aren't tearing down their body. That part is taken care of with daily love and care from mindset work, self care time, mobility work, optimal movement, and a balanced diet.

Oh and did I mention I love learning about Human Design? It's a huge passion of mine and as a Generator I have endless energy for the things that light me up. I'm a 3/5 sacral Generator with an open Self and Emotions center. In 2021 I fell in love with Human Design and am a self-taught student of it - always learning and growing. 

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