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with a Physical therapist & 30x published fitness expert

Dr. Steph Dorworth is an online training + nutrition coach who specializes in helping injury prone busy women build strong & mobile bodies w/o cutting out food they love!

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Not feeling your best? 

We all have them. Those days we have a social outing to get ready for, so we're standing in the closet trying to decide what to wear.

The fun blouse that hugs tight around our waist? So cute, but would show your bloated belly.

The sleeveless top that is super flattering for your chest, but then your untoned arms are showing.

Nothing fits right... so the baggy black outfit is the winner. It hides the areas you're not confident about and lets you blend in with the crowd without drawing too much attention to the body you're not proud of.

I've been there. I know how you feel.

womens fitness coach
womens fitness coach

When you don't feel your best physically, it begins to impact you mentally, right?

Because you aren't confident in your skin, you hide more and don't want to go out as much. Less outings with friends, less date nights, and less trips to the gym (because you feel you look out of place there).

As a result, you begin to feel more isolated, down, and discouraged.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you pick apart about your body and your mindset shifts to one of negativity as well.

You feel low self confidence, unhappy, and ashamed.

You're frustrated! Sick of feeling this way and sooooo over it. You've tried it all: running every single day, you've tried the 1,200 Calorie diet, you've tried cutting out sugar and carbs... but nothing works.

What now? You don't want to feel this way anymore, but are lost on what to do, right?


But did you try...


It's amazing how much more compliant most people are if they have a coach monitoring their every move, encouraging them when motivation dips, and calling them out when needed. With accountability from someone, you're 65% likely to complete a goal. Increase that to 95% if you have an appointment with that accountability partner/coach.

Mindset Work

Most people fail at dieting because they don't address their mindset toward food. An all-or-nothing, black-and-white mindset toward food (seeing it as good or bad) is detrimental to your success and the only way forward is to shift your mindset. Once you do, you'll free your mind from feelings of guilt when you're eating the foods you enjoy.

Realistic Program

Another reason training and nutrition programs often fail is because they're unrealistic. Programs that are too drastic or restrictive are not sustainable long-term. Take the time to find a program that is the key to your lock and works well within your lifestyle. If you can't see yourself following a program a year from now, it's not sustainable.

You're already a step ahead

You're here. You realized you can't do it alone and you're ready to reach out for a helping hand. 

I know you have big goals you're ready to unlock like...

  • Losing that darn baby weight
  • Leaning out before your next tropical vacay
  • Sculpting your dream body before your wedding day
  • Building up a booty so you can fill out those jeans
  • Getting stronger than ever so you can be Miss Independent
  • Competing in a bikini competition (more on coaching for that near the bottom of this page)
  • Running a 5k or marathon with ease
womens fitness coach
womens fitness coach

What's holding you back from being the most strong + confident version of yourself? 


You've tried it all from strict diets to hours of cardio to  signing up for classes, but nothing sticks. What works for your friend doesn't work for you. You're afraid to commit to another program only to fail again. Listen up: there's no one-size-fits-all for training and nutrition. Having an expert tailor an enjoyable, evidence-based program to your needs will yield the best results.


You're busy, I get it! You don't have time to workout every single day for over an hour, plus cardio on top of that. I don't either! Listen up: a short, effective workout is better than a long, poorly programmed workout. You can get great results with home or gym workouts under 45-minutes and cardio sprinkled in, only as needed.


Do you love your wine to wind down at night, your date nights out for dinner, or getting to celebrate your friends bachelorette? Listen up: you can stay on track if you plan ahead. Maybe you diet just during the week so on weekends you can still celebrate. Or maybe you keep one meal smaller to leave room for a glass of wine that night. You're allowed to enjoy life...even while dieting.

mobility program hiking

+ Level up your Life +

Imagine this:

-Looking in the mirror and thinking to yourself, dang I'm gorgeous

-Getting dressed and choosing anything from your closet without hesitation

-Walking into the gym feeling like you belong there

-Hitting the hiking trails on your next vacation with complete confidence in your abilities

-Walking down the aisle or across the stage feeling like the absolute best version of yourself

What are you waiting for?

What Clients Are Saying

Marinna Madrid

Steph was fabulous to work with - super organized, quick to respond, and kind. I signed up for coaching with her in large part because I needed the accountability and she definitely provided that. I also loved how all of her recommendations and programming was science- and evidence-based!

Rachel Morris

Working with Steph over the past 1.5 years has not only helped me reach my goals to compete, but I have also reached a point of consistency with exercise and nutrition that I could not do on my own. Her guidance, honesty, and knowledge has been so beneficial. Having a coach that tailors a plan specifically to you has been wonderful! She is always available if I have a question and is amazing to work with!

Mackenzie Shane

Beginning this program has required some directions that feels counter-intuitive to what mainstream media has historically drilled into women about how it's done. Things like eating ~2,000 Calories a day and no cardio. Prior to beginning this program, I would've taken reactionary measures to these ideas, given in to a binge, or taken a long break from monitoring nutrition. Trusting your expertise and process has made it a lot easier!


 Coaching with Dr. Steph Dorworth

build a STRONG body + mind

womens fitness coach

Anything is possible when you've got this:

  • A one hour welcome video call (includes a reflecting on your past, setting 3 goals for your future, and getting to know each other)
  • Regular Mindset lessons to repair your relationship with food
  • A focus on habit-based successes over short-term quick fixes
  • Customized mobility + strength training workouts (based on your goals, needs, equipment available, injury history, and likes) 
  • Customized cardio workouts (if needed)
  • Videos of every exercise prescribed within the app
  • Ability to time and track every workout in the app
  • Video form checks (to ensure proper form is being used)
  • Customized macros with flexible dieting (based on your goals, needs, age, activity level, dietary restrictions, and likes) OR a customized mindful/intuitive eating strategy
  • Customized dieting schedule (Weekday diet, 1-2 higher calorie days per week, carb cycling, diet breaks, etc.
  • Ability to sync MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and Apple Watch with app
  • Whenever you're happy with your progress, be guided thru the 8 steps to transition from flexible dieting to mindful/intuitive eating if you desire
  • App check-ins every week to assess your progress and modify your program, if needed (includes taking progress pictures, inches, weight, and filling out the check-in questionnaire)
  • An optional monthly video call to discuss anything you'd like
  • Unlimited messaging support in the app
Because I'm extra...Bonus Lessons
  • Upon enrolling, you'll receive 12 weekly basic trainings to teach you the most important things about training, nutrition, & mindset like progressive overload, logging workouts, ways to modify exercise, proper workout order, flexible dieting, macronutrients, food lists, reading a food label, & more!

*You'll only receive this service if you sign-up for the package including it below.

Are you freakin ready to change your life or what?!

Sign-up today for 1-on-1 Coaching

Need help or have questions?

Send an email to info@stephdorworth.com and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

womens nutrition coach

You should sign-up if...

  • You want to feel strong and capable - in and out of the gym
  • You're ready to feel extra confident in your skin so you can rock your bikini, short shorts, or dress!
  • You'd like to be able to successfully reach your goals - for real this time
  • You want to be able to continue having a lively social life (cookies & wine included), while staying on track
  • You'd like more guidance on building healthy habits and living a healthy lifestyle
  • You want custom workouts to follow that are written specifically for you, around any injuries you may have - like the VIP you are
  • You want to learn how to transition to mindful/intuitive eating after getting results you want
  • You're focused on long-term, sustainable results instead of short-term fixes

Don't just take my word for it...

I learned how to be in complete control of my health. I can enjoy my weekends, family gatherings, nights out, etc. without anxiety that I am being unhealthy or am sabotaging my diet. For me, it took a few months of working with Steph to get to that point but my only regret is that I didn’t work with her sooner. I am so thankful I found her and chose to work with her!

Nicole Licata

weight loss online coach
weight loss coach
online weight loss coach

I Know What You're Currently Thinking...

Who is coaching for?

Anyone over 16 years old can join coaching: male or female. Since coaching is 100% customized, your program will be written to meet your specific needs. This makes it especially great for people who have injuries to work around, equipment limitations, dietary restrictions, or who simply want more support along the way. With coaching, you'll learn a lot throughout the process and reach your goals sooner.

How long do the workouts take?

Since coaching training programs are 100% customized, workout frequency and duration are based on your wants and needs. In general, I prefer my clients train 3-5x/week for under an hour, but I'm open to being flexible on an individual basis.

Do I have to have a gym membership? What equipment is needed?

Since coaching training programs are 100% customized, there is no minimal equipment requirements. In fact, if you want to train at home with no equipment at all, we can make that work. Although most people will benefit from workouts using more load and equipment (like that at a gym), I am flexible and understand that training at home is more realistic for many people.

I'm so busy, can I make this work?

Your training program frequency and duration can be customized to work around your schedule. For nutrition, tracking your macros daily in an app like MyFitnessPal takes a few weeks to get used to. But, once you do, it should take no more than 10 minutes a day to track your food intake.

How long of a commitment is it?

Coaching is a monthly subscription service that automatically renews each month. To build healthy habits, get results, and keep them off I suggest 3+ months of coaching. You may cancel at any time. 

What if I want 1-on-1 coaching for a bikini competition?

Yes, I offer bikini contest prep coaching! Rates are the same as those listed above. However, once you reach 12-weeks out from show day, there will be a 1x fee of $150 to begin contest prep coaching with me. We will switch to more frequent weekly check-ins at that time and you'll also receive exclusive contest prep material from me. Keep reading as there is more contest prep info near the bottom of this page.

If we haven’t met yet, Hi!

I’m Dr. Steph Dorworth, PT, DPT, MTC, BHSc, CSCS, CNC, CertPilates, Stick Mobility.

Before I transitioned into online coaching, I spent 7 years working as a Physical therapist, became a certified Pilates instructor and certified Stick Mobility Instructor, and was featured in over 30 publications as a fitness model and freelance writer - including Oxygen! I'm also a certified strength & conditioning specialist and a certified nutrition coach.

Living a healthy lifestyle has leveled up my life by helping me feel more in control of my body and I know it will change yours, too.

I love working one-on-one with clients and I can't wait to meet you. It's time to level up your life! 

womens fitness coach
womens fitness coach

-Nicole U.

womens fitness coach

Bonnie S.

womens fitness coach

Ingeborg V.B.

womens fitness coach

-Mairi M.

womens fitness coach

-Rosy V.

Why 1-on-1 Coaching with Steph is Superior to Other Coaching Programs

Besides Steph's education plus 9 years of experience being steps above others, you can feel comforted knowing you're working directly with her and no one else. No assistant coaches or interns are replying on her behalf - just you and her. You'll get more video face time than anywhere else, unlimited & quick communication, more frequent checkins, and up-to-date technology within her app (so your program, progress, and communication are all in one place).

MINDSET work included

Most coaching doesn't involve a beginning manifestation session to get crystal clear on your goals together. Most coaching doesn't include daily communication, motivation, & next level support to keep you aligned with your goals.

TRAINING is elite

Your workouts are written by a Physical therapist & certified strength coach who knows the body better than any personal trainer. Your workouts will be evidence-based so you make the most effective use of your time. You'll learn how to train around your pain instead of thru your pain. Safer workouts = less pain and healthier joints!

nutrition is sustainable

You're offered the most flexibility possible with eating so that you can still eat foods you enjoy, go out and be social, & drink on occasion. No strict meal plan and no foods off limits. Instead practice flexible dieting macro tracking to reach your goals before transitioning to mindful/intuitive eating.

Ready to Join?

Need help ordering or have questions?

Send an email to info@stephdorworth.com and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

bikini contest prep coach

Bikini Contest Prep Coaching

Whether you want to compete soon or in the future, you may sign-up at the regular coaching rates - even for contest prep. No extra fees.

Why Choose Me?

In 2013 I competed in my first bikini competition and it opened my eyes to the complexity of the sport.

I prepped on my own without a coach, so I relied heavily on Google... which led me down some extreme paths that were not necessary. I ate very little, had no days off, two-a-days, did hours of cardio, and did not spend enough time building muscle first.

After spending years educating myself, I now pride myself in being an evidence-based contest prep coach. Because of the lessons I learned from my own prep, I resolved to help as many women as I could take the stage with confidence and energy instead of feeling completely depleted. Since 2016 I've done just that. 

As an organization queen, I'll help you stay organized and on schedule with your contest prep. Leave all that to me and just focus on sculpting your body for the big day!

bikini contest prep coach
bikini contest prep coach

Things to know...

  • Contest prep with me includes all the services of regular coaching. PLUS you'll receive a checklist and guidance from me.
  • Most women spend months or years building muscle and then do a "contest prep cut" for 12-20+ weeks to lean out and reveal all their hard work.
  • The only additional service you'll need to get outside of coaching with me is a posing coach in person. I always recommend in person sessions so you can receive the attention to detail you'll need to learn your posing routine. I do not provide posing sessions.
  • When I ask competitors what the #1 most important quality is in a contest prep coach, they say communication. I am very fast to reply to my clients as they are my top priority. Other coaches may take 1-2 business days, but I reply ASAP and it's super easy to do so with in-app messaging!

Here's What my Competitor Clients Say...


Coaching Client


"Steph is supportive, has a great understanding of me, my lifestyle and goals. We have a great relationship and I simply trust her expertise. At 53 she helped get me stage ready for my 1st bikini comp. I would recommend Steph to anyone looking to improve their fitness, weight loss or muscle gain. She’s a trained physiotherapist too which is useful."

Tracey placed 1st in her first show to nationally qualify!


8-Week Prep

Megan M.

"Steph has been awesome to prep with. She helped me get stage lean in under 8 weeks without going to any extremes. She mixed up exercises regularly which really helped keep me motivated. Thanks to Steph I took the stage with a physique I was proud of." Megan placed in both of her 2021 shows - third in open!


Coaching Client

Melissa T.

"It has been a pleasure to be a part of the team. Steph has not only helped me achieve my weight loss goal, but she has reignited my passion for fitness and helped me establish a healthy relationship with food. I couldn't be happier with my results. In 7 months I was able to lose over 20 pounds and win two first place trophies at my first bikini competition!"


Coaching Client


"I had a wonderful experience being coached by Stephanie for my first competition. Every check-in we collaborated and adjusted my macros to ensure that I would be my most lean on show day, always taking into account how I was feeling and how my body was responding. Having her guidance through the process was incredibly beneficial, as I would have been guessing what to do if I had tried to prep on my own."

-She placed first in her very first bikini competition


Coaching Client

Dakota Brown , Personal Trainer

"Working with Steph during my Bikini Competition Prep was one of the best experiences that I have had. Online Coaching with Steph has been as feasible as it would be in-person. She truly cares, shows tough-love, and she is with you every step of the way. She has a talent for creating fun & effective programs to ensure that you personally enjoy them. Despite working out, her nutritional guidance was no cookie-cutter plan. She specializes in flexible dieting which makes the journey enjoyable and achievable! Steph is the Coach that everyone needs. I learned, grew, and loved myself more than ever by having her as my Coach!"


Bikini Contest Prep Coaching

Shelby vezina

I loved working with Steph because she checked off every box that I was looking for in a coach! She had the same belief system as me as life is about balance! And you can get to where you want even with that balanced lifestyle! I was able to keep my social life and achieve my dream body!! I placed 3rd in my first bikini competition!! She made it fun for me and was always quick to responses. She has given me so much knowledge! I cannot wait to compete again come November and work with her again to come out on top! Thanks so much Steph for everything!


Coaching Client

Joan T.

"Working with Steph has been an amazing experience. She helped me attain my goal of hitting the stage. She was always there with alternative exercises to adjust to the available equipment at my gym and always responded promptly. With her knowledge and guidance she provided me with the confidence I needed to control my own eating and push myself to new limits. I cannot thank her enough! "

[Joan lost 20lbs for her first bikini competition]


Coaching Client

Veronica B.

"The reason why I reached out [to Steph] was because I wanted to get back in shape after I had my baby and keep it off. I still kept it off with the tools I learned from you!"

[Veronica placed fourth at her first bikini competition which was only 8 months post-baby]


Coaching Client

Rachel M.

"Working with Steph over the past 1.5 years has not only helped me reach my goals to compete, but I have also reached a point of consistency with exercise and nutrition that I could not do on my own. Her guidance, honesty, and knowledge has been so beneficial in competing, strength, and nutrition. Having a coach that tailors a plan specifically to you has been wonderful! She is always available if I have a question, and is amazing to work with!

[Rachel placed second in her figure competition]


Coaching Client


"Thank you so much for helping me reach my goal! 14 Ibs lost, 89 workouts, and a ton of support. I couldn't have done it without you!"

[Jenna placed third in her first bikini competition at 40 years old]


Coaching Client

Kendra M.

"The Beautiful To The Core Bikini Competition Prep changed my life. I participated in an 11 week prep and made the most progress in that short of time than I ever have on my own! Everything was broken down for me so everything was easy to follow. I will be recommending this program to others while continuing on my fitness journey!"

[Kendra lost 14lbs for her first bikini competition prep!]


Coaching Client

Alicia G.

"Steph has been amazing. Very easy to contact, always getting back right away. Always asking how things are going. I have made amazing progress in such a short amount of time through her coaching. I will definitely be using Steph as a coach again for my next prep. "

[She lost 20lbs and 3.5in around her waist for her first bikini competition]


Coaching Client

Terra D.

"Working with Steph using the Beautiful to the Core prep was a great experience. She was prompt, professional, super pleasant, and always supportive. Not only did her plan get me the body I had been striving to achieve, but Steph was there to make adjustments and help me through."

[She lost 10lbs in 12 weeks post-baby]


Coaching Client

Carrie R.

"For everyone out there wanting to compete in a bikini competition or if you have just been thinking about it, Beautiful to the Core is your best online resource. Steph is amazing and very knowledgeable in every aspect of competing. I'm glad I had her with me each step of the way."

-Carrie placed 5th at her first bikini competition