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Hi there! I'm Dr. Steph Dorworth and I'm an online coach and physical therapist. I also do fitness modeling for businesses looking for videos and photos to promote their business or product. I'm an internationally published fitness model who has been published over thirty times. With over 200 positive 5/5 reviews for my video & photo services online, I can help you take your business promotions to the next level.

Home Studio

I'm a one-woman production team for fitness videos. I'll brainstorm pre-production ideas with you, I'll shoot the video at home, and I'll edit it. In my home, I've converted one room into my studio where I have three professional lights up, audio blankets to absorb echo, and my Nikon camera on a tripod. 

That's my studio in the video above!

Types of Videos I Specialize in

1. demo videos (showing how exercises are done without talking)

2. instructional videos (talking thru each exercise as if I were teaching a class)

3. spokesperson/sales videos (reading a sales pitch from my teleprompter)

4. unboxing videos (opening a product & sharing my honest opinion)

Editing Extras

-Copyright free background music



-Logo in corner

You get to Choose

-Video length



-Audio from camera or lapel RODE mic

Create a welcome video for your website or social media like Instagram and YouTube. Create a product showcase video that helps the audience understand how the product can fit into their life. Create an unboxing video that highlights product functionality and builds trust in your audience - converting them from viewers to customers. See some example videos I've made in the past HERE.


If you don't have a product video on Amazon, chances are you're already behind the competition. Videos convert more than photos. Add a video so viewers are engaged and more confident in their investment. Although I don't write paid "reviews" on Amazon, I'd love to help you make a video that you can post to the product listing.


I'll shoot the photos in my home studio and I'll edit them in Adobe Lightroom afterward. 

That's my studio in the photo above!

You get to Choose

-# of photos


-Smiling or serious


Editing Extras

-Background removed (so it looks like a white backdrop)

eBooks and Workout Programs


I'm a doctor of physical therapy (DPT), NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS), NASM certified nutrition coach (CNC), and certified pilates instructor (CertPilates). I've been writing effective workout programs for online clients and patients since 2012 and consider myself an expert in this service.

Word Doc eBook Content

-Cover page

-Table of Contents



-Workout Schedule

-Exercise Descriptions


Workout Details you can Choose

-Muscles worked

-Length (# weeks)

-Frequency (#x/week)

-Body part split (lower, upper, full)

-# Exercises per workout

-Supersets or not

-Equipment used

-Custom photos or not

-eBook color

If you need a fitness workout eBook or workout program written by a professional, then I'm your girl. I love exercise programming and as a physical therapist, I understand the body and anatomy well so I can write well-rounded programs. 


How much are your services and how do I pay?

All videos, photos, and eBooks are custom made, so prices vary based on the services you want. A short 15-second video starts at $30, a photo starts at $20, and eBooks are around $15-20/page. For a quote, please inquire. Payments are made through PayPal.

How long does it take you to deliver?

Delivery time varies based on the extent of the project. For an exact delivery time, please inquire. To give you an idea, most projects are delivered within one week.

How does the process work from start to finish?

First, inquire for a custom quote. Once we come to an agreement, I'll send you the invoice to pay first. If you are having me use your product, you'll then ship it to me to keep. Once received, I'll complete the service within the time agreed upon and deliver through email or a Google Drive link.

Do you do revisions?

I do not do free revisions. If you have particular requests, let's address them before the video or photo is taken. If a re-shoot is required because you changed your mind, I will charge $50/hour for my time to revise. If I make a mistake, then I will revise for free.

Do you have any exercise equipment at home to use?

Yes, in my home studio I have a lot of small equipment I can use if you'd like. I have a: bench, barbell, plates, stability ball, medicine ball, mini-ball, aqua bag, cycle bike, long bands, mini-bands, dumbbells, kettlebell, ankle weights, pilates ring, yoga strap, yoga blocks, BOSU, jump rope, rope, push-up handles, aerobic step, foam roller, yoga mat, massage roll, squat sponge, gliding discs, & stretching strap.

Can you film outdoors?

I live in Arizona so it's very hot most of the year. Therefore, I only shoot indoors in my home studio. I will occasionally shoot in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom if the product requires.

Can you get a male model?

No. It's just me so I do not work with anyone else.

Do you also work with products not related to fitness?

Yes, I will occasionally take on a project with a beauty, home goods, or kitchen product if it's a product that I'd actually use. Please inquire.

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