Dr. Steph Dorworth UGC Creator

Hi, I'm an Arizona-based creator formally trained as a Dr of Physical therapy and certified health coach. I've been a fitness freelancer since 2017 and am a fitness model who has been published in over 35 magazines like Oxygen and SELF. 

UGC (user generated content) is relatable content created by people instead of brands so it's more personal feeling to attract customers who relate.

With over 600 positive 5-star reviews for my UGC services online, it's my passion to create relatable content for you to share on your own platform - whether it be TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube, Amazon, or your website!

UGC content creator



A 15-second UGC Video for $55+

A 60-second UGC Video for $145+

(Can add-on music, subtitles, text, & logo)


5 Photos for $100

10 Photos for $180

(Photos edited & can add-on background removed if desired)


How much are your services and how do I pay?

Prices are listed in the Google Forms above. Please fill one out for video and/or photos to share more about your project and receive a quote from me.

How long does it take you to deliver?

Delivery time varies based on the extent of the project - most projects are delivered within 5 days of me receiving your product.

Do you do revisions?

I do not do free revisions. If you have particular requests, let's address them before the video or photo is taken. If a re-shoot is required because you changed your mind, I will charge $50/hour for my time to revise. I will however offer one free editing revision. 

Do you have any exercise equipment at home to use?

Yes, in my home studio I have a lot of small equipment I can use if you'd like. I have a: bench, barbell, plates, medicine ball, mini-ball, cycle bike, long bands, mini-bands, dumbbells, kettlebell, ankle weights, pilates ring, yoga strap, yoga blocks, foam roller, yoga mat, and treadmill.

Can you film outdoors?

I live in Arizona so it's very hot most of the year. Therefore, I only shoot indoors in my home studio. I will occasionally shoot in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom if the product requires. I will occasionally shoot in my backyard if it's not over 100 degrees!

Can you get a male model?

No. It's just me so I do not work with anyone else except my dog. If you have a dog product, I'd love to help you! My dog Forester is the cutest dog model.

Do you also work with products not related to fitness?

Yes, I will take on a project with a beauty, home goods, fashion, or kitchen product if it's a product that I'd actually use. Please inquire.

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