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Your EASY 12-Step Fiverr Roadmap


Follow the step-by-step guide to getting started from scratch as a brand new freelancer on Fiverr. Complete all 12 steps and submit 1 gig to me as proof to WIN... a free audit from me + an invite to our freelancing Sunshiners community!

fiverr roadmap


  • Freelance business planning outlines
  • New Fiverr user setup instructions
  • How to get promoted on Fiverr
  • The secret to getting your first order fast

Hello sunshine,

I'm Dr. Steph Dorworth

I'm a retired doctor of Physical therapy who fell in love with the freedom that freelancing brings me! I get to do work that I love while having complete time, location, and financial freedom. This freedom feels like sunshine, so I felt led to teach you how to build a profitable freelancing business, too.

Besides teaching freelancing, I am a dog mama with an unexpected love for the outdoors, sunshine, hiking, biking, lifting, traveling, whiskey, chocolate, and human design. Wanna hear more? Listen to my Story ::: Read my About Me

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