Get your Fiverr Gig Makeover

By stephdorworth

June 27, 2023

fiverr gig makeover

A brand new offer is here to help YOU make more sales freelancing on Fiverr.com - Gig Makeovers!

In this video I share with you the importance of having a sparkly, incredible gig to make a great first impression.

Plus, everything that will be assessed in a Gig Makeover by me. And I'll share with you a short 5-minute summary of an example gig makeover - although the real value is in the 5+ page report you'll get from me with all the improvements I suggest you make to improve your gig and therefore your sales.

From your gig title to pictures to video to description to tags and more!

Watch and then get your Gig Makeover here!

See a gig makeover in action in this new YouTube:

Also, don't forget to sign up for my free 3-day Content to Cash mini-course to learn what YOU can create and sell online for fun, extra income in 2023.

Happy Freelancing!

Peace, love, & sunshine,




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Six-figure freelance leader and media creator in Phoenix, Arizona energized by seeing you spark your passions into paid gigs freelancing.

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