4-Step Formula for Choosing Gigs that Sell

By stephdorworth

October 4, 2022




How do you go about choosing gigs that sell on Fiverr? Not just gigs to offer, but gigs that actually sell well. That's what we will dive into today. Why?

Today’s topic came from Victoria over on Instagram. She asked: 

“What kinds of freelancing services have you made the most from and why?” 

I could share with you the gigs that made me the most in 1 minute. So let’s take that question a step farther. Let’s go deeper and also answer why they made me the most. Why were they successful on Fiverr? What was it that drew people to them?

Let’s dive in.

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Fiverr Freelancing Gigs that Make me the Most Money

At the surface level, we can easily see which couple gigs of mine have done the best for me by looking at the analytics. 

Fiverr makes it super easy to assess how many views and clicks gigs get.

Simple go to your seller dashboard > my business > gigs. 

From there you’ll see columns for each gig that share the number of impressions and clicks, plus the number of orders. 

In the top right you can select which time frame you want to see: from 7 days all the way up to 6 months ago. 

Let’s define those analytics:

  • Fiverr impressions: These are the number of times your gig was scrolled by in a buyer’s search.

  • Fiverr clicks: These are the number of times your gig was actually clicked on by a buyer to read more about it.

  • Fiverr orders: These are the number of times your gig was actually purchased directly from the gig or thru a custom order categorized under that gig.

As you can see from my example my top 3 highest selling gigs as a fitness niche freelancer are:

  • I will create photos or videos with my dog

  • I will create UGC content for your fitness or health product

  • I will create custom exercise fitness videos or tiktoks

the freelancer academy

Why these Gigs Make me the Most Money

Now let’s go deeper. Why are these doing so well?

  • Is it because I pay to advertise them? No. I’ve never done that.
  • It is because I am a Fiverr “Pro”? Nope, cuz I’m not.
  • Is it because I am a Doctor? Not really.

Here’s why they are doing well:

  1. Passion - I am clearly passionate about what I do and it shows in the quality of the work I deliver
  2. Strategy - I don’t put up a gig in 5 minutes; I spent time crafting a gig perfect for my target audience that clearly sets me apart from the competition in many ways
  3. Evolution based on analytics - I check analytics monthly so I can edit my gigs to ensure they are performing well, up-to-date, and remain highly searchable

The number one biggest mistake most Fiverr sellers make is they are lazy. They post a gig with zero strategy and then wait around for someone to reach out. Crickets… Would you post a tshirt for sale online and then do nothing to get sales but cross your fingers? Nope. So why are you listing a gig online and then doing nothing?

To have a successful Fiverr gig you must be passionate about your work, have strategy for the gig listing, and then assess the analytics regularly to make sure your gig evolves over time.

I’d like to share one example with you to explain this.

Back in 2018 I started by trying to sell workout videos because I am passionate about exercise and teaching people correct form. I listed it as “I will create workout videos for you.” And I slowly got some people hiring me for workout videos to use on their websites, social media, or youtube. I combined the fitness topic I was knowledge on with a fitness instructor skill I enjoyed. That first year or so, the gig started to gain more traction and I was thrilled to even make just $500/mo extra! But I knew I could scale it even more.

So I applied more strategies like improving my graphics, getting clear on well performing keywords, trying different gig titles, changing my package options and prices, and uploading higher quality examples.

Then I looked at the analytics regularly to see if the tiny changes each month were helping or hurting the gig. I was applying a simple tool I learned in PT school: Test > Treat > Re-test. Much of life and business is an experiment. Do your best to make a change and then re-examine the results to decide if it helped or not - it’s that simple!

Now that you have learned what gigs have done well for me and what makes a gig successful over time, let’s break down what YOU can do to create gigs that SELL.

fitness freelancer

4-Step Formula for Creating Gigs that Sell

I want to teach you my 4-step formula for creating a gig that sells well on Fiverr. This formula is perfect to use now as a new freelancer and even later as an experienced freelancer looking to grow. There is always room for growth and improvements. And this is the exact formula I use to improve my gigs on a monthly basis.

4-Step Formula for Creating Gigs that Sell:

  1. Choose a topic you have high level knowledge of
  2. Combine it with one skill you enjoy
  3. Create a couple gigs around that niche - each phrased and displayed differently
  4. Monthly: assess which gig did best and evolve/edit it over time based on the demand

As you can see, I believe it’s important that what you sell is something you understand well and also enjoy doing.

I’ve tried selling things I didn’t enjoy. For example, in the beginning as a Fiverr freelancer I was selling fitness/health blogs. But the truth was, I had the knowledge to write high level blogs, but the passion and joy for writing (for others) wasn’t there. And that gig never took off, I believe because I truly didn’t love it.

What I loved was being on camera. The more videos I took, the more natural I looked on camera and the more I enjoyed it! It was fun for me! And that joy could be felt from the buyers and clients on Fiverr - which is why it became my top selling gig early on.

Once you figure out a skill you are an expert in and enjoy doing, next it’s time to experiment with it. Try selling it a few different ways. Just like you may wrap a gift in a different style depending on who the gift is for. If it’s for a boy you may wrap it in blue with a masculine card. But if it’s for a girl, it’s likely pink with sparkles. Same applies to your gigs. Package them with your target audience or ideal client in mind. Some people call this your ICA (ideal client avatar) and it’s the person you can visualize selling to. Write 2-3 gigs on the same topic, but package them differently to run your own little experiment of which one performs best.

the fiverr roadmap

For example, I tried listing my workout videos other ways over the years:

  • -custom workout video
  • -custom exercise video
  • -custom fitness video
  • -custom fitness TikTok
  • -custom UGC video

Try out different titles, keywords, packages, prices, and gallery examples to see which performs best.

And finally, each month take 5 minutes to assess what’s working and what’s not. 

Wrap Up

It’s easy to setup a Fiverr. It’s easy to list services on Fiverr. It’s not as easy to actually make consistent sales - that’s where the passion, strategy, and evolution come in. Those are what make a freelancer succeed. It’s a little extra work, but freelancing is a business so treat it as such. Experiment, evaluate, and evolve over time just like you would with any other business.


Thanks for reading!




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