My Gig Video Secrets: Create the Perfect Welcome Video

By stephdorworth

December 6, 2022


Last week, I shared with you what I believe to be the most important item within your Gig to sell more and that was a welcome video. So today’s video is all about that: how to create the best video for your Fiverr Gig.

This video is the very first thing potential buyers will see when they click on your Gig to learn more. The video thumbnail will pop up and they will see that play button to hit play. 

Don’t have a video at all? Then they will never get to know you. They will see photos and screenshots of your work only - but not start building any trust in you unless they’ve paid for orders.

The easiest way to build trust from someone who has never worked with you though is through a video. The world lives on videos these days! Instagram the photo platform is now a video. Amazon the book platform with photos of products to buy now has multiple sections for videos to entice people to buy. You want to learn from an influencer or coach? You watch them on a Live video or workshop. Video builds trust. Because when you can’t meet face to face in person, video is how you can meet.

So having a welcome video on your Fiverr Gig is going to be a game changer. It’s what will set you apart from other freelancers trying to sell. You will now be better than 90% of freelancers out there all because you took the time to make a high quality video.

The 5 Necessities to Include in your Welcome Video

Hopefully now you’re convinced, so I want to dive into the 5 necessities to include in your welcome video next:

  1. Introduce who you are and 1-2 things that make you qualified

  2. Share the service you’re offering including the niche

  3. Show examples of deliveries and add-ons

  4. Explain how you can help them

  5. Finish with a call to action

In today’s video we are going to dive deeper into what those 5 necessities are and I’ll share with you my own welcome video as an example of what I recommend you create.

Watch the video here for all the deets on those 5 necessities:

the freelancer academy

Step-by-Step Preparation to Posting

Before we wrap up, let’s talk about the 6 steps to prepare for this shoot and get your final welcome video posted.

  • Step 1 is to write your script including those five things I shared above.

  • Step 2 is to set-up for the video shoot. To shoot your welcome video, you’ll need to set-up your camera on a tripod. If you don’t have either of those, no problem. Instead, set your phone up with the front facing camera and rest it against something at eye height. Be sure you’re in a well lit room with the light facing your face so it’s even and there’s not too much shadow. Having a Ring light can be very helpful with this.

  • Step 3 Once equipment is set up, run through your script a few times first to get comfortable with it. 

  • Step 4 Shoot it a couple times so you have a few takes to choose the best from

  • Step 5 Edit it on your own or hire someone to edit it together perhaps with music, text, logo, or captions

  • Step 6 Upload it to your gig gallery and be sure to choose a nice thumbnail for it

the fiverr roadmap

Wrap Up

Now that you understand the importance of a welcome video, how to create it, and how to share it on fiverr I hope that you’ll take the time to make one. I’d estimate the entire process will take around an hour of your time. But an hour of time to better sell your services, build more trust, and get more orders is WELL worth it.

Happy freelancing!

Thanks for reading!




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