3 Ways to Make Money as a Video Creator

By stephdorworth

July 25, 2023

Well, hello there video creators.

Do you love love love making videos and want to learn how to monetize that passion?

If you're nodding your head YES you're in the right place.

In today's new YouTube I teach three ways you can make money as a video creator online these days. Whether you're an influencer or not, have a camera or just your phone, it does NOT matter.

Watch to learn how you can make some extra moo-lag having fun with video creation! 

Learn the 3 ways in this new YouTube:

PS- The second way, I mentioned how you can learn to make brand videos as an influencer or UGC creator. Here are those resources to learn more about them:

Happy Freelancing!

Peace, love, & sunshine,




About Dr. Steph

Six-figure freelance leader and media creator in Phoenix, Arizona energized by seeing you spark your passions into paid gigs freelancing.

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