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By stephdorworth

November 15, 2022


Fiverr.com is my hands-down, favorite freelancing website and rightfully so - its’ the one that most freelancers find the most success on. It’s poppin’, easy to use, and seller-friendly. 

In order to find success on the Fiverr website though, you’ve got to be strategic with these three things:

  • your profile

  • your gigs

  • your communication

So today’s new YouTube and blog is all about how to create the perfect Fiverr profile. Of course, nothing is “perfect” (in my opinion) but I wanted to make it clear that with this video you’ll learn all the ways to create an amazing profile. 

What do I mean when I say profile, though?

Whenever you create a new account on any social media or freelancing platform, there is then a Profile section in which you share who you are. On Instagram, it’s a very short section that’s business and personal, on LinkedIn it’s a longer section that’s more professional, and on Fiverr it’s even more.

Your Fiverr Profile is not just an “about me” - it’s essentially your about me + resume + reviews + education all wrapped up into one.

Because your Fiverr Profile signifies so much and is your first impression to any potential future buyer (customer) it’s super, duper important that you spend time on it. Invest quality time into writing your profile because for some people, that’s the decising factor on whether they hire you or not.

What’s Included in a Fiverr Profile

There are ten sections to your Fiverr Profile - and yes these are public and visible to everyone. 

On the right are:

  • Your active gigs

On the left are:

  • Your summary box 

  • Among my clients

  • My portfolio

  • Description

  • Languages

  • Tests taken

  • Linked accounts

  • Skills

  • Education

  • Certification

Similar to a resume for a job, your profile includes all of that in a more organized manner.

So when a buyer is searching for a seller like you to purchase from, they are going to look at two things: your profile and the gig they’re interested in.

Your profile will help them build up trust in you because they can see your expertise and what sets you apart from others.

the freelancer academy

Setup Your Fiverr Profile for Success

Now that you know the sections within a Fiverr profile, I have a video lesson going over all the deets with you.

Learn how to setup the perfect Fiverr profile step-by-step and get some expert tips from me that will help set you apart from others.

Watch it here: [https://youtu.be/WW7ZZOrnUZs]

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Wrap Up

Before I end this, I want to mention that you can edit your Fiverr Profile at any time. If you’re a beginner, you can improve it or adjust it down the line once you figure out what brings you joy and brings you the most success. If you’re advanced, you can tweak it as you evolve also.

Personally, I like to pop onto my Fiverr profile every 6 months to ensure everything is up to date and add any new big brands I worked with.

No matter where you are on your freelancing journey, keep your profile accurate and up-to-date - it’s important.

Happy freelancing!

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