How to Write the Perfect Fiverr Gig description

By stephdorworth

April 18, 2023

Today’s lesson is all about that valuable 1,200 character space Fiverr calls the Gig description. When you create a gig or offer on Fiverr you get to type out and select things like the title, tags, packages, FAQ, and more! But the most valuable section is the description. You can think of this section like your SEO (search engine optimization) for showing up on Fiverr searches. This is the one section you don’t want to whip together quickly but instead should write with strategy and purpose.

In today’s video I’ve got 3 tips to write a really freaking fantastic gig description so you can get more impressions aka show up on more searches… and therefore get more sales!

3 gig description tips:

  1. Use Fiverr’s AIDA flow - see screenshot - be concise but clear on your own procedures

  2. Don’t duplicate the title and instead use synonyms or commonly searched phrases in this section - get inspo by searching fiverr marketplace for commonly used phrases

  3. Let your queen energy shine - what sets you apart?

Watch the full lesson in this brand new YouTube:

Also, don’t forget to check out my past video about utilizing the power of AI technology to assist you with writing your gig description draft!

Happy Freelancing!

fiverr roadmap final




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