Is freelancing the perfect side hustle for physical therapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers?

By stephdorworth

September 13, 2022



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If you’re reading this, you’re likely working in the healthcare profession. Whether that be as a Physical therapist (like myself), PTA, Chiropractor, personal trainer, athletic trainer, nurse, or fitness instructors. Mostly likely you invested years of your life studying your craft, years interning, and are practicing now. Or perhaps you’re still in that study and intern life but are researching your future options ahead of time - if so kudos to you!

No matter where you are on your healthcare professional journey, you stopped here for a reason. And the reason is, I am about to share with you why freelancing may be the absolute, perfect side hustle for YOU - yes you. So if you want to pay off student loans early, retire early, or simply make some extra cash then I highly suggest you pay close attention.


The skills you have as a Physical therapist, chiropractic, personal trainer, etc.

As someone trained in the healthcare professional field, you were trained to be really freaking good at these three things:

  1. Understanding the human body better than anyone else

  2. Being able to communicate complex scientific terms to the average person clearly

  3. Being capable of critically thinking to creatively come up with ways to customize a plan to someone’s needs 

Let’s break those down now.

Number one: you understand the human body extremely well. You haven’t had just one anatomy course in college, you’ve likely had several, perhaps even dissected cadavers, and been a part of studies on biomechanics, physiology, and exercise science. You understand how the body works on a much deeper level than most people which means your knowledge on anything related to health is most likely superior to the average freelancer vying to get orders for health-related writing, filming, or design projects.

Number two: Because you are a healthcare provider of some sort you’ve been taught to then translate complex scientific terms into terms the average person would be able to understand. Which means you’re likely very good at communicating with all sorts of people with various backgrounds, education, expertise, and language barriers. So your communication skills to communicate with potential freelancing buyers and then to deliver health-related freelancing orders that communicate the point clearly to a large community is likely top notch.

the freelancer academy

Number three: Because of your knowledge and experience working with a wide variety of people, you likely understand that there’s no one size fits all plan that works for everyone. In school you likely learned the importance of catering a program or healthcare plan to a specific person's needs - medically and functionally. For example, in PT school we learned the best exercises for a rotator cuff tendonitis but we also learn how we can ask the right questions to get to know a patient and how we could tailor exercises more to their needs and hobbies. You are capable of critically thinking to creatively come up with ways to customize a plan to someone’s needs. This means you’re used to creating plans custom to a client or patients needs. Which translates to you likely being able to create plans custom to freelance buyers needs super well. You’ll know how to ask the right questions and tailor a delivery to exactly what they need.

The skills successful freelancers need

In the section above I only shared three reasons why healthcare professionals like PTs, chiropractors, personal trainers, etc have skills far superior to others but the truth is I could have written a list with over ten reasons why.

It takes a special person to commit to working in the healthcare industry. Someone who truly cares about the health and quality of life of others, puts others first, is empathetic, and unselfish.

My overall point is that you have the skills that successful freelancers need to set themselves apart from others. To not just post a freelancing service and hear crickets. But instead have buyers frantically clicking to learn more about your services, buy, be thrilled with your delivery, and buy again. 

You have what it takes with your skills, education, and expertise to be a top seller on freelancing platforms. You have the skills that many people will never be able to have. You are a healthcare professional with the potential to make massive amounts of money freelancing online. The question is, do you want it bad enough?

the fiverr roadmap

The perfect pairing: Healthcare professional, meet freelancing

Do YOU want it? 

Do YOU desire a side hustle that makes you extra money?

Do YOU desire to pay off student loans quicker?

Do YOU want to be able to afford someone nice for yourself or your family?

Do YOU want to start saving up for an earlier retirement?

If you answered heck yes to these, then hey there! Meet freelancing, your new best friend. If you answered, eh or not really then you can stop here - really. 

Here’s what freelancing has done for me:

  • Being a freelancer helped me to pay off my student loans fully ($220k within 4 years)

  • Being a freelancer allowed me to build up the confidence in myself as a small business owner

  • Being a freelancer gave me the permission to retire from PT after 7 years and focus on my own online business full-time

  • Being a freelancer granted me the gift of getting complete freedom with work - when and where I work

  • Being a freelancer gave me peace of mind that no matter what craziness happens in this world like a pandemic that I can still make money online, even when my other PT friends are losing their jobs

Being a freelancer has given me freedom - a freedom that I’ve fallen so in love with that I cannot imagine ever working a full-time corporate job again - ever.

Freelancing has the potential to give you all of that and more also.

Do you want it?

Side Hustles for Physical therapists, Chiropractors, and Personal Trainers?

Some side hustle examples that you would rock:

  • Health writing (blog, email, website, social media)

  • Health videos (workouts, teaching exercises)

  • Health product unboxings

  • Health voiceovers

  • Health coaching (training, nutrition, meditation, yoga)

  • Health consulting

  • Health content creation

All of these services could be sold on your own website, social media, or on any freelancing website. I shared many in last week’s video & blog but the top sites are Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, and Freelancer.com.

Exciting opportunity to learn freelancing

If you want it, take it - this opportunity sitting right here in front of you. A mentor who has been in your shoes, walked the walk you’ve walked, and walked to the freelancing side with >$100k success and counting.

As a retired PT and now fitness freelancer, I am passionate about teaching other healthcare professionals how they too can find this life of freedom thru freelancing. So passionate about it that I have created something super exciting to guide you all on this side hustle journey.

The Freelancing course (to be named still) is a three month course and mentorship. It’s the roadmap to creating, selling, and scaling your services on Fiverr as a freelancer!

If you're currently trying to manifest a way to make more money from home without:

  • Working for corporate
  • Trading time for money
  • Having to go into the office
  • Having a required 9-5 schedule
  • Having a big social media following

Your answer: Start your own online freelancing business!

The first cohort of this course + mentorship begins Jan. 2023 so now is your chance to get on the waitlist and secure a spot in this group. I’m only accepting a small group of participants in this, so getting on the waitlist means you’ll be the first to know when the doors open and you’ll also be granted early bird specials on pricing.

Head to: stephdorworth.com/waitlist to snag your spot today!

Thanks for reading!





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  1. Hello,

    I have been looking into starting my own digital business for some time now. I am chiropractor who has been practicing in multiple practice (including my own at one point) for 8 years. I’m burnt out and jaded to the in person traditional practice and would love some help and insight to be an independent freelancer.

    1. Hi Lindsay, I totally feel ya! I was burnt out and tired of working so hard for someone else without the recognition. So I love that you’re able to recognize that and want to take action to change things. Make more time for you. Feel free to reach out on Instagram to chat more 🙂 @stephdorworth

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