Holiday Themed Gigs you can Sell

By stephdorworth

November 1, 2022


Before we even begin today, I first want to say Happy Halloween 2022!! 

Every day is a great day to get on Fiverr as an online freelancer. But the holiday months from October to December are an especially great time! Why? Because this is the time of year when companies ramp up their marketing budgets, invest more in advertisements, and run crazy discounts and sales. So if there’s any way you can help them with selling… then get on Fiverr now!

If you haven’t yet watched my YouTube all about 3 Steps to Get Started as a Freelancer - pause - and go watch that. Also, subscribe for the free Fiverr Roadmap: 12 steps to go from zero to selling on Fiverr. That will be your action plan to get started as a freelancer!

But I digress. Let me talk about the holidays more! One of my favorite things to do as a freelancing coach is to help you get creative. To help you brainstorm what you can sell based on your education, expertise, passions, and skills.

So let’s make today’s blog fun! Together we will brainstorm gig ideas - offers you could sell on Fiverr either year round or seasonally around the holidays.

I like to keep things organized so here’s the way I’ll share this today.

I’m going to share with you 3 job skills and holiday gig ideas for each one.

Before I do, if you prefer to learn in video format I’ve got this entire blog in a YouTube for you here: https://youtu.be/l7lMVagWhWw 

Ok let’s go!

Holiday Gig Ideas for 3 Common Job Skills

As most of my viewers and clients are women, I was brainstorming 3 common jobs many women have or girlfriends of mine have.

I randomly chose these three:

  1. Hair stylists

  2. Graphic designers

  3. Teachers

Whether or not you fall into these categories, listen up because either way you’ll get some inspiration for possible gigs or offers you can sell.

the freelancer academy

Holiday Gig Ideas for Hair Stylists to Sell

Hair stylists are incredible people! They tend to be so social, creative, and open-minded. They’re skilled at pleasing their clients, communicating clearly, and creating something completely custom to the clients needs. They’d make great freelancers! 

Hair stylists would be amazing at creating video tutorials and hair product review videos. Especially around the holidays, hair product companies are launching the latest and greatest products.

Remember the Dyson air wrap taking over marketing in 2021? Well each year there’s a new curler, hair dryer, shampoo, or hair accessory that gets pushed in holiday marketing for gifts. Who better to represent them, advertise them, and teach how to use them than a hair professional, right? Hair videos and hair photos should be your go-to this time of year.

Holiday Gig Ideas for Graphic Designers to Sell

Graphic designers are incredible creative people skilled at coming up with new ways to advertise through photo and video. They just have a special eye for what looks good, what attracts attention, and how to draw people in. Which makes perfect for creating advertising for companies - even more so during the holiday season. 

I’m thinking of advertising graphics, social media graphics, website graphics, email campaign graphics, brochures, logos, web banners, and more! In addition to online creations, what about product packaging? With all these packages getting bought and shipped out for the holidays, companies are in need of labels and thank you notes for inside the package.

Some companies will even roll out ads exclusively for this time of year that are thanksgiving, fall, and Christmas themed. Therefore, graphic designers - take note. Now is the perfect time to list gigs on Fiverr for your design services!

fitness freelancer

Holiday Gig Ideas for Teachers to Sell

Our third common job skill is teachers. I know many many who teach at schools, teach private sessions, or teach online in some fashion. Regardless of where you teach, you are likely great at communication, helping others understand complicated things, simplifying terms, and explaining things in depth. Which would make you great at tutorials: video or written. 

Consider combining your skill of teaching with a passion. Do you love cooking? Maybe you can sell cooking video tutorials or recipes! How to make it holiday themed? Sell a holiday cookie cookbook ebook or sell a holiday pie recipe video tutorial. Do you love reading or telling stories? Maybe you sell voice overs since you’re a clear and amazing communicator. And perhaps during the holidays more companies are needing voice overs for their videos, ads, podcasts, audio books, etc.


Bonus Ideas

Like I said before, even if you’re not a hair stylist, designer, or teacher you can still get the big picture here. Take a skill and/or passion you have, get creative and turn it into a gig you can sell on Fiverr!

Alright, before I wrap up I want your feedback. I’m thinking about making a free PDF guide that shares with you hundreds of Gig ideas for 20-30 jobs and passions. Basically what I did today on steroids and in PDF format.

Do you have any desire to get more creative ideas for yourself? I’ll make it if I get 10 comments below.

Comment “I WANT THE GUIDE” and once I get ten people then I’ll know it’s something yall want and will make it.

the fiverr roadmap

Until then, I want to leave you with a comprehensive list of some of the most in demand Fiverr gigs over the holidays (so you’ll have even more ideas):

  • Logo creation - Holiday makeover

  • Holiday card or invitation design

  • Blog or recipe writer for holiday recipes

  • Custom art for holiday card

  • Custom song written for holiday gift

  • Holiday greeting video creation

  • Produce a holiday jingle

  • Record a Grinch or holiday character voice over

  • Create illustration of family for holiday card

  • Create illustrations for kid’s holiday book

And just for fun, the awards for the top three holiday gigs I found on Fiverr go to:

  1. A logo holiday makeover 

  2. A holiday video greeting from Jamaica

  3. A holiday greeting from twins

Wrap Up

If you want more freelancing tips checkout these other 2 videos here and here.

Next week I’ll be talking about how to get your first pull-up so if that interests you then hit the notification to get notified next week when that video is released

Peace & love, Steph

Thanks for reading!




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