How to Use Fiverr: A Walk-through

By stephdorworth

October 18, 2022


Learning any new website and how it works can be confusing and overwhelming at first. That’s how I felt when I first joined Fiverr - I was so lost as to how I could start selling on there! Fiverr has two sides to their platform: the buyer side and the seller side. If you don’t understand what those terms mean, be sure to go watch my previous lesson about why you need to get on Fiverr.

Signing up for a Fiverr account initially creates a buyer account. So to switch to selling (be become a freelancer), you have to apply to become a seller. And then switch over to the seller side.

Once you’re on the Fiverr seller side of the platform, there are lots of tabs to choose from. The website itself changes all the time, too. Just this summer 2022 they completely revamped the entire website and moved everything all around.

So in today’s (how to use the Fiverr website) lesson let’s do a quick 5-minute walk-through of the site. 

I’ll show you all the main tabs including the Fiverr dashboard, business, growth, and analytics tabs. Plus, what I believe are the most important sections to check frequently: the notifications and messages.

Since this is a very visual lesson, we’ll keep this blog short. Go watch the video now!

the freelancer academy

The Fiverr Walk-through Video

Wrap Up

Now you know how to use the Fiverr Seller website and which areas to focus on for your selling, assessing, and growth.

If you found this video helpful and want to see more like it, comment below and let me know!! I love doing teaching videos, but am also open to vlogs, screen recording walk-throughs, or whatever yall need. What questions do you have about Fiverr freelancing? 

the fiverr roadmap

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