How I’m trying to better serve you with Fit by Human Design Health Coaching

By stephdorworth

March 22, 2022


You wanted MORE than coaching

Many of you wanted more and I could feel that. I could feel it from people inquiring about coaching and also from current health coaching clients.

That the traditional health coaching wasn’t enough: a monthly training + nutrition program, setting goals, and the occasional check-in.

That wasn’t enough aligned action to make the transformation you want.

Which is why I've launched Activate Coaching and I'll share more about that below.

After many years of learning and experience as a coach, I’ve learned more about you - the woman who is here reading this.

You care about more than just losing weight… you want MORE! You want to improve your physique, but more importantly you want to feel more confident in your skin and love your body again.

Getting to that point takes MORE than developing a new workout and eating routine. It takes going deeper to address limiting beliefs that have held you back for years, mindset shifts to think more positively about your health and abilities, and learning how to best use your energy and where.

The goals and intentions you have for yourself require going deeper in order to achieve them.

Because you can lose 10lb, but unless you do the mindset work and go deeper, you’ll simply be a woman that weighs 10lb less but still doesn’t believe in herself or truly love herself.

Today I want to break down the three main services that I’ve seen that are missing in most traditional health coaching services and how I’ve improved them to be a better coach for you.

Plus, read til the end for a free call with me!

3 Ways to Go Deeper with Human Design guided Health Coaching

  1. Better coach-client connection

  2. Building a personal connection or relationship requires spending more time together and having deeper conversations. This is something that is best done through video to feed off each other's energy, build trust, and make the best use of our time. Therefore, when you enroll in coaching with me, there’s an initial 90-minute video call first before any program is written. And future check-ins may be done through video calls, if you desire. No more email only, message only, and impersonal coaching!!! We’ll feel like friends who respect each other deeply.

  3. Better energetic awareness

  4. The deeper you know yourself, the deeper you can connect with yourself and with others. More self awareness is step one of any transformation or change in life. If you invest time into getting to know yourself deeper, all other areas of your life with up level also. When you enroll in coaching with me, I’ll help you discover who you were born to be through your Human Design chart - sort of like a personality test - to learn the strategies that work best for you. No more only surface level coaching!!! You’ll connect with yourself on a deeper level than ever before.

  5. More frequent communication

  6. Catching up together just once every week or two is not enough. You should have the ability to ask questions at any time within an open line of communication. That’s why when you enroll in coaching with me, you can message me anytime and any day. And we do formal check-ins once a week. No more office hours or fear of reaching out!!! You can reach out at any time - it’s a safe place.

“As a result of more than coaching, you’ll feel more alive, connected, aligned, heard, aware, and in love with your body than ever!” -Steph

Introducing Activate: Fit by Human Design Health Coaching

You wanted more and I’ve listened. You wanted to go deeper in your transformation journey so I listened. You wanted to connect with your coach more on a deeper and more frequent basis so I listened.

As an online health coach, I used to provide a workout and eating program and check-in every two weeks in messages. That was it. That’s what 99% of coaching programs offer.

It’s time to provide you with MORE. This is more than coaching. This is a deeper transformation due to you becoming more self aware and learning more from me along the way.

Introducing… Activate - Health coaching guided by Human Design.

The first fitness coaching service where science meets soul energetics is for busy women who want to make time for building a body they love with mindful eating + exercise that energetically align with their Human Design.

A true, lasting change takes more than changing your everyday routine, habits, and strategy to get “in shape”. It takes going deeper and breaking down limiting beliefs, becoming more self aware, and having a higher purpose.

Are you ready to take that step and go deeper? Are you feeling that pull toward building a healthier version of yourself based on who you were born to be?

Are we a good fit?

Let’s have a video discovery call to chat and decide if we’re a good fit together. 

Book your call with me here.

Or if you’re ready to get started, let’s do this!!

Enroll in coaching here.



Thanks for reading!




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