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By stephdorworth

February 16, 2020

Your Favorite Blog for Learning How to Train Despite Injury

It's the start of a new year - 2021 - and with that comes new goals. A goal of mine is to share more valuable {free} content with you which includes writing blog posts that educate, inspire, and transform your life. The topics: mobilize, modify, & move.

As a Physical therapist, Pilates instructor, nutrition coach, and strength coach, I am passionate about movement. Since 2009 I learned about the importance of mobility in physical therapy school, in 2013 I fell in love with weight lifting, and in 2018 I grew a new fondness for yoga. I believe that to succeed in all areas of life, we must be able to find balance. A balance between work and play, between activity and rest, and between mobility and strength. [See related: About Me]

The body is complex - it's like a work of art. We must move it, form it, and shape it on a daily basis for it to shine. Without movement (or mobility), we get stiff. Without strength (or stability), we get fragile. We must find a good balance between mobility and strength. When we do that we can feel younger, healthier, and stronger!

From this day forward, I commit to sharing blog posts that will help you in 3 areas

  1. Mobilize | Mobility Exercises
  2. Modify | Exercise Modifications
  3. Move | Better Movement & Form

My promise to you is that reading this blog will educate you more on human anatomy and biomechanics so you better understand your own body and feel more connected. I will teach you more ways to mobilize the parts of your body that are stiff and tight than you'll ever need to know.  You'll be inspired to be more creative with movement in order to modify any exercise multiple different ways to best fit your abilities. And finally, I hope to inspire you to remain physically active as that will help you age better and prevent injuries as best possible - just move.

I strongly believe that everyone can exercise in some way or another - no matter their age, exercise experience, body type, or possible injuries. In order to do this, we must shift our mindset about pain, pin point what we cannot do, expand what we can do, choose exercises strategically, modify exercise around our abilities, execute exercise correctly, and prioritize movement on a daily basis. 

Join me on this blogging journey to optimize your body. I'm so glad you're here and I hope you find this blog so helpful that you bookmark it and subscribe (below) because it becomes such an integral part of your well-being. Thank you for being here. 


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