My Inspirational Story of Going from Simple PT to a Successful 6-Figure Entrepreneur

By stephdorworth

May 16, 2023

Steph Dorworth

Hi, I'm Steph! You may see me as a fearless, passionate, energized woman...but I have not always been this way.

Watch the most vulnerable and authentic video I've ever ever made below as I share with you my story.

It's May 2023 and it was time to share with you the full story as to why I felt led to leave my PT career and pursue building my own empire! Hear stories about the couple life changing moments that changed the path I was on and what I desired from life: like a mission trip, a work meeting in 2017, and putting my first listing up on Fiverr. Here's my honest and raw story - thank you for listening. 

Hear my story in this brand new YouTube:

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Happy Freelancing!

Peace, love, & sunshine,




About Dr. Steph

Six-figure freelance leader and media creator in Phoenix, Arizona energized by seeing you spark your passions into paid gigs freelancing.

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