How to Become a UGC Content Creator

By stephdorworth

February 28, 2023

Today’s lesson is all about UGC - user generated content - work which is BLOWING UP right now!! If you have any interest in it, start now as this rocket is about to take off.

I’ve been a UGC content creator since before that term was born. I began creating UGC videos back in 2017 as a freelancer. You see there are many styles of videos. You can make educational videos, testimonial videos, spokesperson videos, live action videos, unboxing videos, and then there’s UGC. This is a style in which you capture footage of yourself often at home in an authentic way! Show your experience with trying a new product or service in a relatable way by taking photos, videos, and/or writing with brand’s products.

It’s like being an influencer but without having to have a big following or having to post to your own social media. Instead you create for the brand or company - getting free products AND getting paid.

Sounds great, right?! Want to learn how to become a UGC creator? 

Then watch this video below to learn everything you need to know to get started as a UGC creator. Learn what UGC is, how it works, how you can get PAID to have fun creating, and ten websites you can sell UGC on. 

Plus, watch til the end to learn all about a brand new 24 HOUR CHALLENGE when you snag the Fiverr Roadmap. Enter to win 2 amazing freebies including a Fiverr gig audit and an invite to my exclusive new freelancer community.

Watch the new YouTube lesson on How to Become a UGC Content Creator here:

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Happy Freelancing!

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