250 Ideas of What to Sell Freelancing

By stephdorworth

February 21, 2023

Today’s lesson is all about brainstorming ideas of what you can sell. 

If you recall from a previous YouTube “My 4 step formula to choosing a gig to sell on Fiverr” it’s best to choose services that excite you and will be fun - that way they don’t feel like work. Think about your education, your work experience, your skills, and your passions. And perhaps come up with 5-10 gig ideas you could list for sale. Test those out for a few months and eventually pursue the ones that do well and edit the ones that don’t do well. It’s that simple.

For me, I have always loved being on camera, I have expertise in teaching, instructing, PT, exercise, nutrition, and mobility. And then I have passions for shopping and dogs. So I have made gigs involving all of those things! Videos, photos, and writing based on all those topics.

So what can you sell?! 

Maybe you are new to the term freelancing and it’s hard for you to wrap your head around the fact that you can sell more than one thing. Maybe you only have 1-2 ideas and you want to think of more ideas of what you can sell. So today’s video is for YOU. 

I’ll keep this short and sweet. 

I have 3 ways for you to learn what you can sell as a freelancer:

  1. Hop onto freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, Revolancer, etc. and see what other people are selling
  2. Watch my January 2023 Workshop called What to Sell - It’s a 1hr workshop giving you lots of ideas
  3. Download the list I made for you with >250 gig ideas to sell freelancing! You can get this download by subscribing to my website and within minutes you’ll have the Fiverr Roadmap freebie and this list in your email inbox to browse through.

Watch the full lesson here and learn how to get the full list:

There you have it - if you’ve done those 3 things then you most certainly, without a doubt, can see now how everyone who has computer access and internet access could be a freelancer - both of which can be accessed for free at a public library. So I’ll be blunt: the only excuse there is for not trying out freelancing if you’re someone who wants to build a side hustle  is laziness.

Freelancing is free to get started, takes only a few hours to set up, is fun, and brings so much freedom into one's life.

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the fiverr roadmap

Also, I want to invite you to join a brand new community I’m building of female freelancers. Want to feel like sunshine, completely supported by other business-minded freelancers every day? Comment on this blog or DM me “freelancer channel” on instagram and I’ll send you the slack community invite.

Peace & love, Steph




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