Human Design Authorities

By stephdorworth

May 2, 2022

What are Human design authorities

Have you ever had that feeling of needing to make a big decision but feeling conflicted because your heart tells you one thing, your gut tells you another, and your mind another? That's what your authority will clear up. It tells you which voice to trust most.

I remember having this happen to me so many times. I’d have a big life decision to make and as someone who overthinks and overanalyzes everything, I’d feel torn between those thoughts and my gut feeling deep down.

It wasn’t until I learned more about Human Design and my authority that I learned which one to trust more - my gut feeling - since I’m a sacral authority. Moving forward, decision making is much, much easier now because I have this knowledge.

So let’s get into those authorities now so you can also discover this!

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The Seven Human design authorities

Depending on which source you read, authority names may vary slightly, but here are the main ones.

7 Authorities:

  • 1.Emotional 
  • 2.Sacral
  • 3.Splenic 
  • 4.Ego
  • 5.Self/ G center 
  • 6.Mind/Mental/Sounding board
  • 7.No inner authority/Lunar

Decision making for the 7 Authorities:

  • 1.Emotional /Solar plexus - don't rush a decision; take your time to gain emotional clarity and wait for a moment of full clarity (47% of people) feel it, don't think it
  • 2.Sacral - ask yourself yes or no and follow your gut (lower belly)(35% of people)
  • 3.Splenic -follow that quick, blink of an eye instinct to decide instantly (11% of people)
  • 4.Ego / Heart - quiet your mind and then go after what you want; what helps you feel powerful
  • 5.Self/ G center - talk out your thoughts to someone or a voice memo (without getting their opinion) and then decide based on what feels right for you. Often a subtle feeling near the sternum/rib cage area.
  • 6.Mind / Mental / Sounding board - talk out your thoughts to someone or a voice memo (without getting their opinion) and that will guide you in the process
  • 7.No inner authority / Lunar - the decision will reveal itself to you within the 28 day cycle so pay attention to themes and don't rush it

How Authorities relate to our health

Now that you know the seven authorities and which to trust most based on your own chart reading, let’s go deeper.

We can discern how your authority may apply to your health decisions like exercise, eating, and self care.

Not sure what type of exercise to do, how often to workout, how long, or who with? Allow your type and authority to guide you with that.

Not sure what type of food to eat, how often, or what environment? Allow your type and authority to guide you with that.

Not sure what type of self care to do, how often, how long, or who with? Allow your type and authority to guide you with that.

Examples will help. I’ll use my chart for example.

I’m a sacral Generator. So for exercise, I must do exercise on a daily basis to release any extra energy, do exercise that lights me up at the time, and deep down in my gut feels fulfilling to me. Most of the time it’s lifting by myself, but every so often I need to sprinkle in other things like cycling or yoga in a group setting that light me up. For eating, I must eat foods I truly enjoy and honor my gut feeling to know when and how much to eat. For self care, I need down time to unplug and tap into clearing my head on a regular basis.

Let’s do one more example. Let’s say you are an emotional Manifestor. For exercise, you’re likely independent and good at training by yourself so do that. But know that energy may fluctuate day to day, as well as emotions. So scheduling things too far in advance wouldn’t  be ideal. Play it by ear and let your emotions/feelings guide your movement each day. As well as your eating, play it by ear and eat what makes you feel good! Allow your energy to guide when to work vs. when to relax and have down time. Find a good balance between both. You know what you want - go for it!

All of this can be discerned from your chart, type, and authority so take a few minutes to dive deeper into how you can apply your chart to your health - it’s fascinating! 

Wrap Up

Remember, there is no action without decision, so be sure your decision is the best for you by honoring your authority.

Until then, be sure to take advantage of the free Human Design quiz & 5min video summary from me - totally free. Just fill out this quiz (takes only a few minutes) and I’ll share with you how your chart relates to your health.

That’s all for today. Have an amazing day, beautiful souls.

Peace & love,


Thanks for reading!




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