5 Human Design Types

By stephdorworth

April 19, 2022

What is Human Design

Human Design is a beautiful way for you to improve your self awareness about who you are and how you can best live in alignment.

I introduced it to you all in a blog back in March titled An Intro to Human Design Charts. So if you haven’t read that one yet, go back and read it first. You’ll learn about what Human Design is, what your Human Design chart can teach you, how it can guide your decisions moving forward, & more!

Once you read that, you’ll have a better understanding of Human Design overall.

Now today, I want to take a look at the five Human Design types. These weren’t originally created when Human Design was discovered, but were later formed as an easier way to categorize everyone into larger groups. Of course, the purpose of the chart is to discover who you are as a unique individual and you can do so by diving deeper into your chart’s channels, gates, purpose, authority, & more! So the type is the most surface level aspect of Human Design. It’s a good place to start today before we dive deeper in future blogs. 

I also encourage you to download your free Human Design chart first before reading further. That way you can have your chart in front of you and know which “type” you are when learning more below.

You can google free Human Design charts and get one immediately. Or if you want me to get it for you and provide a quick 5min video summary of it, I’d love to do that for you! Just fill out the quiz here and I’ll send you the chart & summary within 48 hours.

Ok, here we go!!

human design types

Intro to the 5 Human Design Energy Types

There are 5 Human Design types:

  • Generators - makeup ~37% of the population

  • Manifesting Generators - makeup ~33% of the population

  • Manifestors - makeup ~21% of the population

  • Projectors - makeup ~8% of the population

  • Reflectors - makeup ~1% of the population

Your energy type is a general way of describing your overall energy and how you can best utilize the energy you have in order to live an aligned life. An aligned life looks and feels different for each type, so we’ll go into that below.

The type is determined by which of your 9 centers are defined (colored in) in your chart. I’ll go into detail about the 9 centers more in the next blog. But for now, just know that in our Human Design chart we all have 9 centers and some are defined (colored in) and some are undefined (white/open). Based on which centers are defined or not, we are placed into an energy type category.

For example, people with defined sacral centers are placed into the Generator or Manifesting generator category. People with an open sacral center are placed into a Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector category. And the Reflector has all 9 centers open or undefined which is very unique.

But you don’t need to know all those details & more. For now, just look at your chart to see which type you are and then ready more details in the section that applies to you below.



I'm a Generator so I love talking about this type. We are energizer bunnies put here on Earth to work, work, work. We are a positive light and we light others up naturally once we've warmed up to them.

If we love what we do, we get lit up by our work which energizes us even more. But if we hate it, it drains us... leading to burnout.

Lesson: follow what excites you!


We often try to make everyone happy and give too much or commit to too much by saying yes to everything. This can lead to less time for ourselves and ultimately exhaustion.

Instead of saying yes to everything, take a second to respond. Don't force something to happen. Take a moment to think about it and decide: is it a "hell yes" or a "no"? Decide from your gut, not your mind.

Lesson: Don't make decisions right away. Take a minute to ask yourself if it excites you. And only commit to what's a "hell yes".

Don't forget to put yourself first. If you can't fill your own cup, you can't fill others.

human design types

Manifesting Generators

Mani Gen's are a bubble of sparkling energy with an energy that is palpable wherever they go.

They have so much excitement for life that sometimes they can be all over the place. They can be sporadic with decisions, changing their minds as they experiment with what lights them up.

Lesson: It's okay for them to take time deciding what lights them up. Experiment and follow bliss.

When life is aligned, they'll feel satisfied. But when not, they'll feel frustrated or stuck.


Mani Gen's should also take a minute to respond to decisions, just like Generators.

Always test & assess if something is lighting you up! If it is, keep doing it. If it's not or not anymore, move on. Try it out, then decide from your gut, not your mind

Lesson: Because of your changing mind, be cautious about commiting to something too far out in the future. Commit only short-term so you don't feel boxed in or stuck in the future.


Manifestors - you either love em or hate em. They're put on this earth to make things happen.They need the freedom to lead and do things their way. Because of this need to make things happen, they are busy beings.

Lesson: They need freedom to do your thang!

Energy tends to go in waves with ups and downs. When life is aligned, they feel at peace. When not, they feel angry.


Manifestors don't need help making decisions - they just know. So all they need to do is inform other how things are going to happen and go.

They are spontaneous with decisions and bold. They dream big! So move outta the way and let them by.

Lesson: Don't rely on anyone else because they can't keep up. Make a decision and go for it alone. You've got the energy to get it done!

You're very good at motivating others to do the same, but be careful not to come off as pushy or forceful.


Projectors want so badly to be recognized for their unique vantage point - like that of a bird. They're amazing at seeing new perspectives, improving systems, and are very wise.

They are guides and leaders, great at steering others. However, because they are so efficient and deep in thought, they can run low on energy. The energy they wake up with is all they get for the day. If they work too much, extreme exhaustion will hit.

Lesson: Work <4-6 hours per day and prioritize self care time to rest and re-charge.

When life is aligned, they'll feel successful. When not, they'll feel bitter and misunderstood.


Projectors see things others don't. But unless others ask for their opinion, they may come off as pushy and opinionated.

Lesson: observe first, then share only when invited. This invite could be a verbal invite or an energy you feel when in a connected conversation.


Reflectors are the rarest of individuals with no defined centers. So they are a mirror, constantly absorbing the energy of those surrounding them.

They're amazing at understanding others and feeling deeply. However, this can also be draining to absorb so much!

Lesson: Take time alone often to release that energy and return to your blank slate.

You're empathetic and experience deeply, so know when to draw the line and seek solitude.


Reflectors should make decisions very slowly. In fact, it's recommended they follow the lunar cycle which is 28 days. Each cycle brings a new theme into their life, so they go with the flow.

When life is aligned, they'll feel excited as the Universe presents them with new, amazing surprises. But when not aligned, they'll feel disappointed by life because there's nothing to look forward to.



Now that you better understand your Human Design Energy type, let me ask you this:

  • What resonates with you from what you read?

  • What seems accurate and made a light bulb go off for you?

  • Was there anything that didn’t seem accurate or made you think deeper about whether you truly are that way? If so, maybe you’ve been conditioned or raised differently which led you to be different from who you were born to be?

  • Think of one small or big decision you have coming up in your life. How can you use the “strategy” that is best for your energy type to guide that decision?

The strategy can be very helpful for you moving forward. For example, if you’re a Generator, your strategy is to wait, then respond, then go. Since I’m a Generator, I’ve been using this for all decisions. Instead of making a fast decision, I now wait a little bit. I let my emotions cool off or my mind sort through all the options and strategies first. And only once I’ve given myself some time to tap into my authority do I then make my decision and take action on it. Whereas in 2020 before I learned about all of this, I would sometimes make decisions too quickly based on what my mind was telling me - instead of following my authority which is a sacral gut response.

Speaking of authorities, that’s going to be the topic of the next Human Design blog. So stay tuned for that one!! It’s the second most important part of your chart and will help you figure out what thought or feeling or timeline to trust most when making decisions moving forward. Can't wait for that!

Until then, be sure to take advantage of the free Human Design quiz & 5min video summary from me - totally free. Just fill out this quiz (takes only a few minutes) and I’ll share with you how your chart relates to your health.

That’s all for today. Have an amazing day, beautiful souls.

Peace & love,


human design types
human design types
human design types
human design types

Thanks for reading!




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  1. Love this. This is so interesting! I’ve heard human design before but never really thought about it. The quiz and the chart are fantastic and I’ll be sticking around to hear more about this. It’s mine blowing!

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